The 7th Wonder of Yeovil

Many of you may have been wondering why I had only mentioned 6 out of the 7 wonders of Yeovil, and I promise you it was not because I had forgotten how to count to seven. It was in fact because I wanted to write about the 7th in a completely different post, of course! Yes, this 7th wonder has made many locals awestruck, and I too find it quite astonishing.


Ta da! Yes, the 7th wonder is the brand new and exciting ‘traffic flow solutions’ that have been introduced to roundabouts about Yeovil! The police station roundabout has cost a bomb and they’re now throwing money on the next roundabout. £14M on the next roundabout according to the Western Gazette. Wonders in Yeovil don’t come any more expensive than this one. The Bowling Alley could learn a thing or two.

See, I haven’t been home that long, but I have been around to pick up bits and bobs and for the amount of money, I expected a massive change to the landscape. The most that I have noticed is a few extra unnecessary traffic lights and some bike paths. The question to be raised though is: will they get used? Do Yeovilians  have the capability and fitness to cycle? Can they afford bikes on top of their fuel guzzling cars? Eh, or maybe that’s just me.

What do you think? I’m no motorist, not for a while anyway, but has it made a difference? I hear people complain, still, but is it because it’s really not made a difference or because we’re British and love a bloody good moan? Cheers for reading! X


The 7 Wonders of Yeovil

Guess who’s back? Back again? Yes. I am back home. I’ve been back for a few days but my laptop screens got screws loose… or missing… and so I’ve been a bit cautious about whipping it out. Now I’m at George’d dads and there’s a desk, I can finally write! Yay! So, this is my introduction. I was at uni, it was my last week before coming home for Easter and my friend told me that she’d read ‘How’d you write about Yeovil?‘ and loved it. She asked me how I found so much to write about our ‘little’ home town and the cogs in my dusty brain started turning for another piece. Yeovil and it’s 7 wonders and yes, there are seven, I counted.

So, I’ll firstly give you the list, and then I’ll explain:

  1. Taunton
  2. Neo
  3. Takeaway Alley
  4. Yeo Lesuire Complex
  5. Yeovil Country Park, AKA Ninesprings
  6. Wyndham Street

Here we have it and if you disagree, lets agree to disagree. If you can count to more than seven, then I’m real proud of you.

  1. Taunton is ‘the heart of Somerset’. Yeovil ‘has the mind of a city, the heart of a town’. But I think that 98% of people living in this pretend city, would rather live in the heart of Somerset, eh? It’s retail centre is much bigger and more popular than ours, this in itself has various advantages. It’s night life is pretty good, from what I last experienced a few years ago. And, as far as I’m aware, You never want to kill anyone from Taunton. All the people you could possibly hate live in Yeovil, so Taunton is agro free for most yeovilians. Taunton is Yeovil’s wonder and is only a 40-minute-drive-ish away, so it’s not all that bad.


 2. Neo is a wonder in itself. Now, I was going to write a separate review of Falmouth’s night life but I think it’s important that I have something to compare Yeovil’s night life to. I know you’re all groaning. Neo, and Yeovil, is crap, blah blah blah. But it’s our crap, and that’s what’s most important. You go out on your Friday or Saturday night, or both if you’re one of those warriors I mentioned in my previous article, no matter where you start, nine and a half times out of ten, you will end up in Neo. No matter how much you complain and cry in the toilets at Wetherspoons, you can not fight the magnetic pull. At night, Neo is the centre of the universe. Everyone knows it’s crap and yet no one can never say no. What choice do you have? Well, I’ll tell you.

I went out for the first time to ‘Club I’ (That stands for Club International’ in Fali. I was told to brace myself before going in and I was right to. I didn’t realise that there were two flights of stairs I had to walk up before getting into the club. At the end of the night, I watched a man fall down those stairs. Be thankful that Neo isn’t a health risk. On getting into the club, I realised that I was paying £2 for a mouthful of Archers and lemonade. There was no seated area, there were no podiums, poles, or massive ‘stage’ type deal, all of the peasants were thrown in together. It was barbaric. There were no bouncers around that I could see. And the animals took their drinks on the dance floor! You don’t get any of that Neo. After that night, I couldn’t wait to get back to Yeovil. You don’t need to use your hips and elbows as weapons just to create some kind of space to dance in. So, Neo is a whole different planet and it’s the only one Yeovil’s got. It brings so many different types of people together. The old, drunken men covered in glow sticks; girls in dresses barely suitable to be underwear, caked in make up to hide the youth in their faces, the men that go to impress these women, I could go on with the list of descriptions.

3. Takeaway Alley. How many towns do you know with it’s very own food quarter? 99% of Just Eat orders probably come from this one road. And it’s had a song written about it. One bands experience of Yeovil and Takeaway Alley was so bad that they actually wrote a song about it. It’s pretty folky, so it might not be to everyone’s taste, but just take a look at ‘Yeovil Town‘ by Show of Hands and listen carefully to the lyrics. In 10-20 years, I don’t think it’s actually changed. I went to New York a few years back and I know it’s hard to make a comparison, but one could say that Takeaway Alley is our own Little Italy, or Chinatown.

4. The Yeo Leisure Complex. I can barely even spell it, but it’s that area where the Nuffield gym is right in front of Pizza Hut. An accident? I think not. I associate Nuffield members with fearlessness and stomachs of steel, but I think the common conception of Nuffield is beefcakes and gym selfies on Snap Chat. You’ve also got the bowling alley which changes name so often that I’m not even sure what it’s called right now. All I’m aware of is that the alleys keep breaking and even the owners given up pumping money into it. I always have liked a good game of bowling though and the name has only changed like, three times. I guess the over priced cinema should also get a mention. But that’s all I can think to say about it. I love going to the pictures but I’d rather save money and go to a cinema in any other town but Yeovil. I hear Dorchester’s deals are perfect.

The Nolasco

5. Ninesprings is the location of summer in Yeovil. It’s a rite of passage in childhood because the park is ace. You’ve got ducks but don’t let your kids go near the swans. They’re feisty buggers, as one of my  younger sisters learnt when I told her to go up to one, when we were kids. For many teens, it’s where you go for the odd cheeky sexual encounter away from the parents, or just a lovely date if you’re more Yeovilite than Yeovilian. Ninesprings is lush though. It’s the place in Yeovil that could still be described as natural.

6. I’ve put Wyndham Street down as the last one. For some reason, Wyndham is broken up all over the place. You’ve got Wyndham Park, Wyndham Hill, Wyndham Street , Wyndham Court but it reflects one side of town. Wyndham street it just around the corner from takeaway alley and all kid of stories are generated on this one part of town. Due to the grotty secrets that it hides, it’s not really considered a part of the town centre, despite people local to Wyndham Street wishing it was. For now it’s just home to Domino’s, a polish shop and a notorious brothel, which, despite the police repeatedly shutting it down, comes back like a weed. I’d love to one day see this road become integrated with town life again.

So that’s the 7 wonders. I didn’t tell you they’d be pretty, or ugly. I just told you they were wonders. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and if you’ve got any thoughts on what your own 7 Wonders of Yeovil are, pop them down in the comments! Cheers for reading! x


My Experience Of The Wedding Industry Pt2: Engagement Competitions

Hello darlings, I recently entered a local engagement competition on Facebook, you may have read ‘My Appeal‘,but probably not. it was something that popped up on my timeline from friends that had liked someone’s post in the competition group page. They had posted their engagement story and a picture of the moment. I thought it seemed like a lovely idea so I looked into it more. There were prizes: a photo shoot, a £50 voucher and various small discounts off of local vendors. The couple that had caught my attention on my timeline had a lot of publicity and exposure on Facebook. I thought: why not and through George and I into the competition.

It was tough.

I had a week to get as many likes on my post as possible. What I realised was this was firstly a popularity contest, secondly a writing contest and thirdly (if you submitted a picture) a beauty contest. To ensure my success, I decided I had to write the story well. I had to have emotion and hilarity and romance. My story is romantic and funny, but not everyone can word things as such. I picked a picture George and I took at my mums on Christmas day a couple hours after he proposed. I had the goods ready and they were pretty high quality, if I do say so myself.

The problem I was going to have was with the popularity bit. I’m a pretty introverted person and often keep to myself despite the fact I come from a big family and have a lot of friends. I didn’t really think they’d help but I messaged them anyway. After this, I think I must have gotten between around 150 likes. The leading couple were at around 220 and it was daunting because they were a lesbian couple. I really did not think I stood a chance against a couple that were potentially getting their likes from the LGBT+ community Facebook groups. I posted all across Twitter and Tumblr, but nothing really happened there. I then remembered that I’m a Pagan; I’m a part of a tight knit community, too. I saw a huge influx of fellow pagan people coming to like the page and I really couldn’t feel any prouder to be apart of such a wonderful community. And then there was also all of the different uni groups I was apart of, finally, there was a benefit to being a student.


And then Saturday night happened. The leading couple gained around 200 likes and I really did not think I could compete. I felt down about it but George through my phone to the end of the bed and put on a movie, which made me feel much better about it all! The next day, we went out and enjoyed our Valentines day together before he had to go back home. After he went home, I had a sudden burst of faith. I shared the post again everywhere, added more Pagan groups and got my family and friends sharing on Facebook. I went to Instagram and Twitter with #WitchAndTheAtheist, because these things are easier to find with a hashtag, no? I’d gained 250-300 likes. I was far too excited to get the early night I wanted. I won with 10 minutes short of midnight.

I had messages coming at me, likes going through the roof and adrenaline. I really couldn’t believe what was happening and I could not wait to tell George in the morning about what had happened over night.

Of course, while this was all exciting, it wasn’t without drama. Right before I went to bed, a competitor had read through my comments and appeared to be getting argumentative. this worried me a little, I was too tired and excited to handle conflict but I did so well, and with the help of a friend. It wasn’t until I woke up and checked my notifications that I really had to laugh though. Someone had reported my engagement photo for nudity. I thought it looked a little bit suspicious but I chose to ignore it. I won. I didn’t know who did it, but it didn’t really matter.


But I learnt a few things from this experience:

1. People go crazy for things that are free.

2. Where there’s a popularity contest involved, seek out a large group of people, just like you.

3. People will try and argue and even do petty things when you take things as seriously as they do.

4. Faith is a handy tool to keep about you.

5. There will always be another competition somewhere so don’t feel too downhearted if it doesn’t look like it’s going your way.

6. Entering competitions is a good way to pass a long engagement and keep excited.

7. If you have ulterior motives… such as a best friend having a unpleasant experience with one of the other competitors, this makes you even more eager to win.

Cheers for reading guys, hopefully this won’t be the first and last competition I enter, I had a lot of fun and I hope you have enjoyed reading pt2 and if you haven’t get checked out My Appeal, go for it. The competitions closed now but the post and story still remain.  x


My Appeal

My lovely, handsome, beautiful, kind hearted, sweet followers, I would really like it if you could all flock to Facebook and like my engagement story. My fiance and I have entered a competition which ends tomorrow. It’s a small, local thing but we would really like to win it. So if you could all help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

The link is as follows:

Thank you so much. Blessed be and be blessed all ❤


A Question Of Trick Or Treat

‘In light of Samhain approaching and the Autumn knocking on our doors, questions of tradition have been raised. I was having a nosey about on my local discussion Facebook page when a mother asked for people’s opinions on Trick or Treating. I, like many of my local townspeople, had to share my opinion on the matter. The seven year old girl wanted to go, but her mother felt as though it was an act of begging or just being a nuisance to others. Lots of people happened to share the view in wanting to get rid of such a tradition, while a lot of people also chose to stand by it.’

This Samhain was certainly an interesting one. The opening paragraph is from my latest article in the Pendle Craft Magazine. I urge you all to read it, I have had a lot of fun so far writing for it and I can’t wait to write of the Yule edition. I am the writer of Student and Youth Pagan affairs… which sounds great. You may think that I have neglected my blogging duties and, I must confess, I have. I have been so busy with all kind of things,  that I haven’t had a chance to write. But now that I have a moment, I can tell you.

First of all, it was my boyfriends 21st birthday. I had all kind of surprises planned for him, to his dissatisfaction, of course. Watching his confusion and, at times, sadness made me feel sad too. It was his birthday and I only wanted him to be happy but I knew that keeping everything on the down low would make him to much happier in the long run. I made a vlog of the run up to his birthday weekend, and beyond as a present to him. It took a lot of effort to put together! I’m not very good with a video camera and I’m usually very shy when it comes to things like that so, it really did take a lot for me and I feel like an idiot when I watch it back, but it’s for him. It’s all for him.


The second thing was my birthday, which was days after his. Mine wasn’t as important but I still had a fair bit going on. My dad came down to visit me for the first time since I’ve been in Falmouth and later that evening I went down to a bar called ‘the Games Room’ and played Scrabble over cocktails. I highly recommend that bar if you’re ever in the area. It’s great fun and their cocktails are mint! I did post an article about my birthday though actually, I’ve just forgotten about that sorry. I should bore you with the details.

Samhain is what it’s all about. What did I do? I cooked up a ‘feast’ although it wasn’t much of a feast this year, but George was around for it which was nice. I dressed up as a ‘witch’ which was lovely because I’ve wanted to do it for some time. I kind of finished making my hat which was excruciatingly boring to do by hand without a machine but somehow I survived. I think it looks pretty marvellous myself and I’m not put off of making hats at all; it’s difficult but rewarding. We were going to go for a night out or a party but I wasn’t really feeling it since all of my friends were at a students only party, so we went to the Games Room, played 3 games of pool of which I lost them all, countless games of Connect Four of which I won most and a game of table football, which I also won. We got home around midnight and put on Grimm…


I’ve been watching alot of Grimm, I think I may have already told you but, let me review it for you. It is a heck of a show. All of the characters, minus Munro and Rosalie, make you want to murder people out of their lack of common sense and at times, their unrelatable. They do things that a person would not do and behave in ways that a person would not behave, except Munro and Rosalie who have sense, are relatable and believable. Some how though, George and I have completely fallen for this show though. I’m sure some would disagree but despite the characters being frustrating, the plot keeps you going in times when the characters don’t. We’re close to finishing Season 2 so no spoilers please!! But, phenomenal, it’s all I can say!

The last part of all of this is the Pagan Society. I am ready die now. The amount of running around I did today was spectacular. I printed and posted posters everywhere for students to see. I’ve been updating the Facebook page. I’ve made a survey for perspective members to fill in. I’ve organised a moot for tomorrow at a pub which I wasn’t particularly impressed with. I’ve contacted The Pagan Federation. I have a meeting with the Multi Faith Chaplaincy of the university on Thursday. The list goes on and right now, I feel like I’m ready to retire! I feel successful and accomplished however, I’ll find out if I’ve really been successful tomorrow. I plan to wear my hat tomorrow, which will be interesting on the bus. I’m planning to do a review of the hat tomorrow and of it’s reactions so keep your eyes open for that!

Well, I guess I’ll catch you on Wedneday! See ya!

Outfit Of The Day 06/09/15

Today I had ‘interviews’ for the Pagan Society’s council at Falmouth University. Before I can even get this society established, I need a council. So, I organised to have interviews because I don’t know people very well. One person turned up so he was instantly given the role of Treasurer. Two other girls were interested, but they were unable to come due to illness. So after talking on line to them later, they became the other council members.


Last week, I had an outfit planned for this occasion. My nan had handed me down a green suede suit from Lakeland Fine Leather. I never thought I’d wear it and I had no idea on which occasion I would. I didn’t actually think I liked it and I wasn’t sure why I clung on to it but I’m glad I did. It has Ivy leaves cut into it and I think it’s adorable. It certainly screams ‘Pagan Business’ on it! So, I wore this suit for it to be received by one person. Was not what I was hoping for, but better than never being worn.


I find it somewhat an odd fit because the skirt is quite big, and the jacket is quite tight. Usually things fit the other way round, but not this time. I paired this fine suit with a tan coloured vest from Primark, and a pentacle necklace from Claire’s.

Solar Farms? Wind Turbines? Coming to a town near you!

This article has been hanging the air ever since last Saturday when George was driving me back to Falmouth, maybe even before that, but it was made certain that day that I needed to write this article. So, as I was leaving Yeovil, I saw a sign for the Crewkerne Solar Park. I felt a little excited all of a sudden to see a solar farm so close to home. Renewable energy is the way to go, in my eyes. I know that the equipment is expensive. In college, I was the ‘green officer’ for our Student Union. Helping our planet is important. I mean, what are the future generations going to do when we’ve used up all of the resources? What will happen to every other species after we’ve used up THEIR resources. What will happen to the Earth when WE are the only species left on it? I’m sure it won’t quite come to that but, these questions do need to be asked. At what point does our planet become one of our main concerns? Whether or not we are the cause of climate change and whether or not  it is natural or unnatural in our planets lifetime for this to occur, doesn’t really matter. We need to do our best, if it is our fault; and if it isn’t, we have to prepare for the inevitable.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit. I promise I’m not some apocalyptic, doomsday type. When I think about it… Why is renewable energy so expensive? What kind of person is making a crap load of money out of ‘saving our planet’? If that’s even possible and the right phrase for it. i find it ridiculous. These things, in my eyes, should be free. The world should be equipped with various ways to harness natural, renewable energy. This is where I believe that the energy ‘industry’ should be completely globalised. Those countries closer to the equator, for example, should in theory be able to harness a shed load more sunlight than our small island can. And tidal power should also be taken more seriously, particularly for an island surrounded by oceans. This is where I believe my generation and the generations that follow, will need to get creative and hopefully, not be as greedy as those before us (but that’s really just wishful thinking).

I see renewable also being so valuable to the ‘under developed’ third world countries. I see many people moaning about how we aren’t helping the poor in ‘our’ own country. What about helping the poor in our own WORLD. There shouldn’t be poverty. But unfortunately as we all know, the rich must stay rich. If renewables were taken more seriously on a global scale, then maybe some kind of revolution would occur. Maybe things would be different. Industries could grow. Populations could flourish. And with any luck, if the climate change is our problem, then perhaps we could slow down the effects so that future generations could enjoy the land that we have walked on.

It makes me feel happy when I catch a glimpse of a solar panel on someone’s roof, or a turbine in a field because it reminds me that there is hope. It reminds me people do try. The trouble is that not everyone shares this opinion. On the Crewkerne Solar park, for example, there were comments about it ‘being an eye sore’, comments about the inconvenience they would cause. personally, for me, the biggest eye sore is the number of empty fields that surround our towns. What’s worse is when I see trees getting chopped down in order to make MORE empty fields. As for inconvenience, i think the biggest inconvenience would be if we could no longer use our cars because we had used up all of our fuel, or worse- if our tiny little island ceased to exist because of the increasing sea levels. These are petty, first world problems that don’t need to be brought up. I’m sure there is even more moaning when there are suggestions of building turbines. i find these to be beautiful. They look particularly striking against a natural background. I don’t know about the noise but it surely couldn’t be worse than living near any busy transport link or next to a house fully of rowdy teenagers? In fact, I think I’d rather pick the turbines to be honest. So, interms of what the article, where I found out more about the solar park is concerned, I for once, agree with the government. There are more pressing matter that need to be dealt with.

When you compare all of the minor ‘problems’ to the bigger picture, it all seem so silly. If you’re worried about eye sores, get into gardening. Plant pretty flowers for the bees, plant trees. Grow your own food.  Create gardens, forests. Bring nature back. Instead of just moaning about a problem, which is purely your own problem, do something about it. Correct your way of thinking.

Thanks for reading guys, see you soon. x


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The Evil Lady

Anger fills this space within

My cranium explodes at

The unfairness of your hand;

And you sit there on behalf of my darling

Mother you pretend to know.

You speak vicious tongues,

Spitting out poison you dress in silk-

But I see through the silk.

I see the hatred you work to hide.

Bitterness has formed in the place of fear:

I feel it carving up my bones,

I feel it scratching up my skin,

I feel the familiar dread when approaching ice hearts.

When did you become so cold?

Cold of love, of excitement, of peace?

When did you cease to dream?

Dreaming of castles, and princes, or adventure?

You really aren’t quite what you seem.

Where is your soul?

Sex Is Knowing, Knowing Is Sex

Sexual health- the secret side of health that no one likes to talk about.

I’d like to begin by saying that I’m not a doctor. I was good at science in school but that’s as far as it goes. What I do know though is that sexual health is something that is viewed negatively and can be embarrassing to talk about. When I did my work experience, I went to help the Volunteer Network. My parents were kind of mad because they’d wanted me to get a WORK experience, not a volunteer one. I ignored them. I had to give up my place at ABC Wedding dresses because someone ‘more suitable’ was being considered and D R Jones, the interior decorators, didn’t reply back to my letter. I was pretty disappointed really. What I got however, was not what I’d expected. I remember that one of the days I was asked to arrange a display in their Yeovil Shop in the Quedam. This display was a sex/ sexual health information stand. I was so embarrassed that I’m 99% sure my face was lit up like bonfire night. My colleges spoke about sex and asked me about sex, and I had no idea what to respond. I was still a virgin, obviously. They were expecting someone with stories and secrets and instead they had a very shy, very nervous girl who’d got rejected a lot. They gave me a C Card and I shoved it to the bottom of my bag, hoping to never see it again. Hoping that my parents would never find out what had transpired.


So, despite this and despite the fact I did have a bit of knowledge about safe sex, sexual health and where to go for advice, testing, contraception ect. I was still pretty oblivious when it actually came down to it. I guess what I’m trying to say it that when you’re busy having fun, you don’t really stop and think about whether you’re all healthy and fully functioning, which is important. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. It’s not until long after the deeds have be done that you stop and think ‘Hang on. What if something’s not quite right?’ This thought usually happens after a trip to the doctors, after they ask you if you’re sexually active; or if you’re walking past a Chlamydia test stand in your college’s library. It’s important that you pick one up and do it. You see the posters displaying the figures for Chlamydia but you don’t ever think it would happen to you. The thing is, is that it’s so common that it really could happen to you. Issue is that you don’t even know what Chlamydia is. I knew it was some kind of STI and that it rarely ever had any symptoms, but I didn’t know why it was so bad. Not until I looked it up, of course. If you ever plan to have children, Chlamydia would stomp that out. It could also cause you a number of difficulties with your health in future life. At the bottom of this page I’ve linked you to the NHS web page so you can find out more.

Getting tested isn’t too difficult. You fill in your details on your form, you either pee into the container provided or take a swab then, depending on what your instructions say, you either send it in the post or take it to your local GP. If it’s a black packet, it’s postal. If it’s blue or pink, then you have to hand it in. Don’t as a GP because they don’t really seem to know what’s inside the tests. I, myself, had to educate my local GP on what they were handing out and trying to convince young people to do. I guess since they are older, they don’t get this service so they don’t really know what they’re selling. You can pick up your free test at your GP, hospital, college, supermarket- lots of places are giving them out. This is how important it is. Chlamydia is most common between 15-24 year old so they recommend you take a test after every person you’ve been with and/ or once a year. This was something I didn’t really know about but I do now and I think it’s important to share it with you.


You don’t need a lecture on safe sex, we’ve all watched enough of Mean Girls to know about the evils of unprotected sex, but what isn’t really taught is about the effects STD’s can have, how easy they can be to catch and how you can get rid of them. When Chlamydia is caught early on, one pill clears it up. Don’t be that person who goes around making yourself and everyone you have sex with ill. Having fun is much easier when you don’t have to think about the consequences because you know you’ve been responsible.

I think the issue is the stigma that’s attached. I know people that have been too embarrassed to take a test, or even think of getting tested, just in case. This isn’t something you need to be afraid to do. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to go to the hospital with a broken arm. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to go to the dentist with a rotten tooth. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to go to the GP for an allergy. So why should you be embarrassed over this kind of illness? Because it’s contracted through sex? Every mature person has sex, surely that can’t be the issue? If you’re mature enough to get intimate with another person, you’re mature enough to look after your health. Their shouldn’t be a stigma to looking after yourself, regardless of what it is and how it happened. Remember that. You don’t have to feel ashamed and it’s so easy that you don’t have to feel nervous about it.

Thanks for reading guys, stay safe x


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All great places to go for further information. Don’t be scared, be fearless.

Why We Need ‘feMEnism’

So, yesterday I was asked, by a reader, for my thoughts and opinions of Feminism. To me, feminism is one of the few things that, in my eyes, is black and white. I see things in varying shades of grey. However, after taking A level Sociology for two years, I’ve some to form my own opinion of the theory.

Many people that say feminism is sexist against men, in my eyes are wrong. People use the term ‘egalitarianism’ but I don’t even know how to begin trying to pronounce that. Feminism is much easier off the tongue. People are using these words to describe the same thing. I guess, the English language does have many synonyms and this just looks like one that people can’t agree on. Men and women both want equality. We all want to be equal. The word to describe that is irrelevant. This is my first point to people that argue that ‘we don’t need feminism, we need something else’. What we need to remain united as a group of people, as a species. In this day and age, arguing about silly things such as which sexual organ you were born with, and which clothes you like to wear seems silly. In some ways men and women need each other. In other ways men and women could live completely separate and probably, mostly, still be alive. Having an argument about which is the better sex is futile. Sex does not indicate intelligence, attractiveness, and these days, not even strength. Sex does not determine whether you’re going to be a absolute twit. You decide that, regardless of your demography.

There are lots of women who seem to have it in for men, for reasons that are beyond me. Just because there are a few bad nuts in the bag, it doesn’t mean the whole bag is bad. This doesn’t just go for gender issues, this goes for race, age ect. ect. You can’t judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a minority. It’s silly and it will get you no where. So, as I was saying, the large group of men then snap back blaming this on the ‘feminists’. Then there is a debate on who the ‘true’ feminists are. There are so many types of feminism, that there is no ‘truer’ feminism. These man-hating women, these are known as the ‘radical feminists’ or more recently known as ‘feminazi’s’. These are what it says on the tin. They’ve been around for ages and you just have to learn how to ignore them. Pretty soon they will probably revert back to the ideal of ‘political lesbianism’.

Most other feminists are more liberal. They also believe in male rights as well as women’s and will stand up for both. Equality is the goal. I’m not afraid of saying that I’m a liberal feminist, or a feminist of sort. In my eyes, if a person hits you for no good reason, regardless of gender, you should hit back. You shouldn’t be hitting anyone in the first place, regardless of gender. In my eyes, if a father is more capable at raising children than the mother, then the father should have custody. It angers me so much when I hear about good fathers that want to be there for their children, getting restricted access. Men can be just as capable as women at giving affection and creating a bond. This shouldn’t even need saying. I hear people asking, whether women actually have more rights then men do these days and I don’t know. It could be possible, especially when I hear about these parenting issues. I think that in our society, we’re pretty equal men and women. The problem lies outside of the north-west. The problems lie in the countries that do need a feminist revolution like we have had. Both genders should be free, not persecuted.

Feminism is such a huge topic that I could probably write a few posts on it. Both genders fuel the fire. Women say that men have no manners and are violent. Men say that women have no class in how they hold themselves and bring it upon themselves. I see a middle ground. In my eyes, you dress to how you wish to be received. Your choice fashion is your identity. Fashion is expression. This is where the confusion lies. Men see fashion in terms attracting a partner. Women see fashion as expressing themselves. Women want to act like men, not ladies, any more. I believe both sides needs adjustment. Some men, not all, need to learn to hold their tongues and to keep their hands to themselves. Some women, also need to hold their tongues and keep their hands to themselves. Some men, need to keep their clothes on. Some women also need to keep their clothes on. No one deserves violence. No one deserves sexual harassment.

I’m going to cut it there for today before I drown in the argument of feminism. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that this has stirred up your own thoughts of feminism. It is needed and it is necessary and it’s ideals and semantics change per person. These are just mine. You control your thoughts, your actions- not your gender group. If you don’t want to be treated like a douchebag, don’t act like one, and don’t try to blame a whole group of people for the mistakes of a minority.

See you soon x