Hello folks, it’s that time again where I need to write about a big issue. So people everywhere are having their say on whether this island on the edge of Europe should stay with in the European Union. Before uni, I’m not even sure if I knew fully, what the EU was, it was just something that Britain put itself into after the wars. The EU is a big union that oversees the money and politics that roams around every member state. That said, I’m sure you have heard many people from around the world having their say. Americans have discussed the possibility of our country weakening as a result of leaving and many other leaders have said they would prefer us to remain within the establishment.

But what do I think? I’ve read some of the ‘Stronger in’ and ‘RemaIN’ and nothing of the Leave campaign, I’ve only seen those that have advocated it, which doesn’t reflect a vote of confidence in me. However, based on what I have read, the only reason I have heard that seems to make sense is that the government is not fit to run this country. That seems to be the only thing. I have heard all of these things that the EU has implemented like: regular working hours, regular pay, jobs. My pretty logical answer would be ‘why can’t the government keep the working hours and pay the same, why can’t they encourage local, independent businesses? Surely that would also make the country greener, open up jobs and encourage initiative? But, I was assured by an avid EU voter that the government would do that, they just want to mess up everyone’s lives. Which is why I’m calling this article Referendumb. Neither side is particularly helpful.

My last point is the fearmongering, which both sides are guilty of, however I can only comment on that of the Remain Campaign. ‘leaving will cause us years of uncertainty and a recession’but I wasn’t even aware that we had left the last recession so I’m debating whether leaving will make much of a difference to the mess we’re already in. We just need a good government that are confident with what they are doing and don’t insist on screwing the people over.

As you can probably guess, I am most likely to vote out, although I’m still undecided. I would like to vote Conservative out and replace it with a perhaps more competent government that can not only get us back on track, but make us better than ever. According to this leaflet I’m 1 of just 30% of the student body that is most likely to vote Leave but I think I’ll be happy with my choice.


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