Hello folks, it’s that time again where I need to write about a big issue. So people everywhere are having their say on whether this island on the edge of Europe should stay with in the European Union. Before uni, I’m not even sure if I knew fully, what the EU was, it was just something that Britain put itself into after the wars. The EU is a big union that oversees the money and politics that roams around every member state. That said, I’m sure you have heard many people from around the world having their say. Americans have discussed the possibility of our country weakening as a result of leaving and many other leaders have said they would prefer us to remain within the establishment.

But what do I think? I’ve read some of the ‘Stronger in’ and ‘RemaIN’ and nothing of the Leave campaign, I’ve only seen those that have advocated it, which doesn’t reflect a vote of confidence in me. However, based on what I have read, the only reason I have heard that seems to make sense is that the government is not fit to run this country. That seems to be the only thing. I have heard all of these things that the EU has implemented like: regular working hours, regular pay, jobs. My pretty logical answer would be ‘why can’t the government keep the working hours and pay the same, why can’t they encourage local, independent businesses? Surely that would also make the country greener, open up jobs and encourage initiative? But, I was assured by an avid EU voter that the government would do that, they just want to mess up everyone’s lives. Which is why I’m calling this article Referendumb. Neither side is particularly helpful.

My last point is the fearmongering, which both sides are guilty of, however I can only comment on that of the Remain Campaign. ‘leaving will cause us years of uncertainty and a recession’but I wasn’t even aware that we had left the last recession so I’m debating whether leaving will make much of a difference to the mess we’re already in. We just need a good government that are confident with what they are doing and don’t insist on screwing the people over.

As you can probably guess, I am most likely to vote out, although I’m still undecided. I would like to vote Conservative out and replace it with a perhaps more competent government that can not only get us back on track, but make us better than ever. According to this leaflet I’m 1 of just 30% of the student body that is most likely to vote Leave but I think I’ll be happy with my choice.


Boys, Take Note

Hello population, I’ve finally found something interesting to talk about in terms of the dating scene. It’s been a long while since I’ve written one of these articles and it seems like my advice may be required once again. Please excuse any possibly offensive/ obscene language. As soon as I find more PG terms, I shall change them.

Here’s the situation. Nice guy exists (often in the form of one of my friends), meets a girl he’s attracted to. Guy dates girl. Girl is not interested. Girl breaks up with him. Guy feels like it was his fault, maybe he’s just too nice or something and got himself friend zoned. Nah bro, the friend zone is not a definitive zone. You aren’t bound there forever. You can walk in and out whenever you like. You are in control of your dating situation. You just have to take control: Be confident, be dominant, be clear. However, there is a difference between showing dominance and being a pompous, over masculine ass. The issue here is generalisation. Not all straight women (ect.) want a guy that’s up front about who they are and what they want. Some like a shy guy, a guy that a woman can wrap around their finger or a guy that will step a side and let the woman wear the pants. Other women may want a guy to take that step. I will try and give you a few tips here on how to excel in the playing field, from a girl that has dated an array of different kinds of guys, none of which were ever able to provide the perfect dating tactics. There were always things that I, as a woman, would have wanted him (whoever he was) to do.

  1. The Friend Zone 

If there’s a girl you like, and have been friends with (and possibly even loved) forever then there’s a good chance she’s friend zoned you. She’s probably seen you as a brother figure, there to look after her and have fun with but not necessarily dating material. Which is weird, because that’s what most women want in a partner. The crucial part you have to play, is changing her perception. You’ll have to be careful and decide whether what you want is worth your friendship. How you change this perception is by being honest. Ask her on a date, and not just as friends.

Make it clear that you want to be her fella, not just her friend, her brother, because you aren’t her brother (hopefully not, in which case, this article may not be for you), you’re perfectly legible to date this girl and if she likes spending time with you then why not see if she wants to take the next step? Normally, I’d suggest a small romantic gesture, but you are not like other men. You are the Friend Zoned man. You already possess all of the habits and information necessary for a highly successful relationship with this woman. What you need to do is make her want you. Show her why you’re sexy. Show her why she shouldn’t want other girls. Show her things your other friends don’t get to see (I’m not sure what I mean by this, but maybe you do, after all, if you’re in this predicament, you may have someone already in your mind). It’s time to stop acting like the brother, and start acting like a possible lover. Enchant her, captivate her. Give her something to be jealous about, protective over.

If she really can’t see you in the way you want to be seen after that then it’s definitely time to move on, but at least you know. A bad truth is better than a good lie. You deserve happiness and it’s time to stop hoping that she’ll be the one to give you that.

2. The Nice Guy

You may be the guy, in a similar predicament to you fellow brother in the Friend Zone, however, this may be on a regular occurrence because you’re ‘just that nice a guy’. this is not a problem with you. Please don’t think you have to stop being nice to girls just because the ones you like keep friend-zoning you after a few dates. The world needs more guys like you. Back in school, as a woman, I too fell in to this category. One even dated my cousin instead, that was gut wrenching. However, hope is not lost you. Keep faith.

What you will need to do is go out and meet lots of new women. Maybe start on line, but joining local and national clubs and societies may also help. In fact, that’s more helpful. You get to meet someone that’s interested in the things that you are. It’s also a lot easier to ask someone after a club event, for a drink afterwards or a walk. Like the friend zoned guy, you need to prove to these women that you can be more than just the brother, more than just the friend. You need to show these women how much you can give and if she’s interested, she will also show you how much she wants to give you too. However, if she doesn’t, know when to walk away. Of course, be her friend, but if she’s not willing to put some effort in, then you don’t need to bother. You can’t make someone like you, or even love you.

So, do read the Friend Zone section if you skipped it, if will help inform this one. You bother need to sell yourselves and show why you are a desirable companion and if they like you, they will do the same. The issue with both kinds of relationship is a lack of dominance and confidence. You need to make your actions clear and feelings known.

3. The Fuck-Girl

I can’t think of an alternative name for this section so feel free to rename it in the comments. You should all know who I’m talking about though, when I use this term. The girl that messes you around, doesn’t know what she wants but is willing to hurt you a load of times until she realises. She realises it’s not you. Rarely does a girl ever decide after all of this dilemma, that what she really needs is you. If you’re in love with a girl like this. Stop, take a breath and run in the opposite direction. Not even worth it. She may seem like it, but she’s not. She’s simply using you to pass time until something ‘better’ comes along. 9/10 times, the next guy is not to your standard and you’ll sit there for days wondering which pavement she scraped this guy up from, but it’s fine. She’s not your concern any more, you’re free. Go out and find a girl that values you. Not all women are going to want to be your girl Monday to Thursday but prefer someone else Friday to Sunday, or perhaps, would rather be independent over this part of the week.

No reason she gives will make up for the way she is treating you. It’s selfish; she’s being selfish. You do not need to stick around or feel obligated to be there for her when, in two days later, she’s likely to be ‘too busy’ for you and you need to ‘take a break’. These women have not matured enough yet so it’s best to let them figure out who they are and what they want from life, by themselves. You may feel bad, or you may not, depending on how many times you’ve argued about it, but it’s best to give second chances and then walk away. Let her run after you and show that you are able to put your foot down. You’re a human being and you don’t deserve to be treated like that. She’d complain if it was the other way around. You have so much more to offer and you could be more appreciated elsewhere.



I’ll give you three types for now, I think. See if this is able to help anyone out. If you’ve got a situation, feel free to catch me on social media or whatever and I’ll reply via article. Thanks for reading! x



Getting Drunk in Falmouth Town

Hello everyone, so, I have never blogged whilst drunk, not have I blogged past lunch time but I guess this is a first in both occasions considering it is 3am and I’m pretty drunk although I have sobered up a bit. I’m not sure what I really want to say in this post but I guess I should start at the beginning like most stories begin. I went out with a friend and her friends, it was a great night, however, we got separated after getting distracted by another friend coming in, however, she soon disappeared and I ended up alone. Sure, Falmouth town isn’t huge or anything and the crime rate is low, which was one of the reasons I was attracted to it, but ending up alone on a night out is shit and I felt crap.

I sat down on a step and was ready to accept the reality that that was probably going to be my bed. Then I saw another friend and I thought: ‘Yes! Maybe she can help!’ Nah mate, nah. Some guy starts grabbing my arm, asking me for a kiss. I tell him I’m not interested as I’m engaged. He grabs my hand and starts pulling on my bloody ring! There I was drunk and confused, with no idea what was going on but I did manage the words ‘get off me.’ He starts talking about how I cant let people tell me what to do; well, there we go. Hypocrite. Anyway, I stumbled on through town and the only friends awake had just gotten home. I went to the takeaway to try and sober up when he comes in and looks right at me. Luckily, he didn’t come over but I did get anxious. I grab my food and go. I sit down on a bench because I had too much food to carry (they really over filled it, it’s marvellous!) and yeah, I ate. I ate until a bloke came over and asked for something to smoke, but I don’t smoke. He asks for a light. Again, I don’t smoke. He sits down and tells me his mums passed and it’s her funeral tomorrow. I felt sad for him. He asks for my name and where I’m from, I tell him. ‘You’re from Yeovil? I come from Bridport!’

‘No way!’ I exclaimed. I was so happy, finally someone from back home. So we sat there and talked for maybe around half an hour, about home and it brought a real smile to my face. He mentioned a well known family from back home and I asked if he knew mine. ‘Nooooo. You’re a Wiltshire? You’re not!’

‘I am,’ I laughed. We both marvelled over Somerset and Dorset and he told me about how much better Somerset is to Cornwall and Devon. I agreed. He told me all these stories from around the home counties and it just made me want to go home even more. We agreed that Cornwall is lush, but it just ain’t home! Bless him, he kept thanking me for giving him the time of day (or night) but it was me that was thankful. I was sad, alone and ready to just give up, but he reminded me of who I am and where I come from and that’s something I need to remember more often.

He stood up at the end of a story, to leave and gave me a hug. He asked me if I had friends back home and I said I did. Stuff like that could never happen in Yeovil, and I was grateful for that group of absolute babes. He wished me home safe and thanked me again. I walked home crying tears of joy for finally meeting someone that was:

A. From back home way and knew what it was like to miss it as much as I did.

B. Was as drunk as I was.

C. Actually asked if I was ok.

I guess in writing this story, I’d like to give this bloke from Porthleven with the broken hand, a big thank you. He’s probably never going to read it, hell, I’d be surprised if anyone did, it’s just another drunk white girl rambling, but it’s really nice to know that there is kindness in this world. No matter what your background is, no matter what colours you’ve painted your past with, there will always be someone out there that will make your day, or night, so much better and will send you on your way with a smile. Thank you Mr. that stays in Haselbury Plucknett sometimes, I hope our chat has made tonight and tomorrow seem a little brighter for you.

Sam, that flower from Yeovil.

It’s a comfort to know that family has always got your back, even when they don’t realise it. No matter what kind of connotations a name brings, connections are connections and that’s what’s got your back when you’re drunk and depressed in the middle of town at 3am.