Shadow Hunters Review Pt 1.


Right. Just so we’re on the right footing. I adored the books. I’ve read all of the Mortal Instruments up except Heavenly Fire. I adored the movie. Everything except Jace was pretty accurate and that was how I liked it. This programme has thrown the books and movie on a big fire and said ‘sod it, lets rewrite the rules of this game.’ I’ve only watched the first episode as of yet, hence why this is part 1. I will write a pt 2, at the end of the series.

Let’s start with the beginning, bearing in mind that I watched it a week ago and it’s been a while since I’ve read the books. The institute, looked much more modern than it’s supposed to. It’s meant to be an abandoned church, with only a couple of shadowhunters in it. The programme has made the institute some kind of replacement Alicante which I really didn’t get; and don’t get my started on Simon’s muscles. Clary, I felt was a bit too melodramatic but I may have been made more aware of this because my uncle told me this before I watched it. I also don’t like the fact that Luke is a police officer. Luke is just meant to be living in the police station, he is not supposed to be the station. Also I’m kind of confused as to where Madame Dorothea is hiding.

I feel as though Magnus was introduced far too early on. That scene in Pandemonium was completely skewed. Simon playing sweet romantic acoustic music with a woman? Jace and the Lightwood siblings killing multiple demons in the club? Magnus being there? Clary going home after the club and being whisked away in a portal when the circle members arrive? All of this felt bizarre to me. I really wished they had made this series before I read the books. I hate reading books before watching something I love, or should love. I read the books because I loved the film and it made the whole world even better, now I have to relearn everything because everything has changed!

Anyway, as you can probably gather, the programme is hideously far from the literature and the film. I knew there would be a difference but I didn’t realise that I would have to sit there and pretend I had no idea what was supposed to be happening. As a show completely independent of it’s literature, I liked it. I’m more than happy to go and watch the next episodes, quietly comparing everything. I mean, it wasn’t all bad. Jace’s character is much more fluid, the effects are really cool and I finally learnt how to say stele properly.


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