My Thoughts Today

Being alive is hard. Have you ever thought about that? The hardships one faces just by breathing? You’re brought into a world with no idea of who or what you are. It takes years, for some a lifetime, to figure out themselves out. You’ve got to give yourself food, drink, exercise, sleep; you’ve got to work, relax, socialise, learn. You’ve got to follow laws and for most, at least basic norms. For many, you’ve got to appease friends, relatives, colleagues, partners. You’ve got look after yourself and others when just looking after yourself is a challenge. And it is a challenge, let’s face it. Everyone has days when they need to haul themselves out of bed and force themselves to look in the mirror. Not only have we got to live, but we have to survive. Not all of us are adept at surviving. I find the idea of survival an odd one. Survival should be natural to all of us, and yet I often lack the motivation to feed myself and give myself water whenever I’m hungry or thirsty. In fact, it’s not always a motivational thing, but more often one of forgetfulness. Humans need water to survive? Oh yeah… 

It is so easy to stress about the ‘big things’ in life that we forget about the smaller things that we need to keep us going and yet these things are big things. Very big things. Life and society has a panicking about things that, in the long haul, don’t even matter. When you look back at the end of your life you should, firstly, be proud that you made it so far. In this world, you’re not guaranteed a long life. You’re not guaranteed a life at all. You have to get go and get it. Being in good health, and remembering to survive is the first step to being alive. These are things that so many take for granted. There are people that have to survive on a lot less and yet, no matter where we are, who we are, survival is still something many of us find difficult.

If you’ve found the motivation or the time to read this short article, I’d like to say thank you and congratulations. Being alive can be pretty shit, let me level. We’re small, single creatures on a huge planet in the middle of a huge universe and yet, our problems can seem like all there is. But there’s so much more! There are others around you, that are just like you, taking on the daily grind. There are places to see, people to meet, things to do all around you. And I know, it’s overwhelming when you think about it. But sometimes you need to spread your wings, and sometimes you need an anchor to stop you floating off into space.

I don’t have any advice: no 101 for this, no tips, no help, just understanding and sympathy. I can’t even think of the word I want to use and apparently, Urban Dictionary doesn’t know it either so I guess it’s not important right now. But yeah, I know the struggles and I was just thinking about them because, I’m having a solemn kind of day and my mind works more than it should when I actually have time to relax and do my own stuff, but hey, guess it’s a survival kind of thing. Can’t complain.

See you later guys! (: xx



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