Pagan Hypocrisy

Today, I engaged myself in a heated discussion on religion, Islam in particular, which as some of you may have guessed, I tend to do easily and quite often. It started off as a person asking about Satanists and ended as a discussion on the evils of Islam. This annoyed me  and brought me to the realisation of how small minded and racist other pagans CAN be. I’m not saying Pagans are, because I’m certainly not and I know a lot of Pagans that are as open minded, however, there are a lot that are and this surprises me.

It surprises me for a number of reasons. First of all, all Pagans do is wish for acceptance, understanding and recognition in society. I, myself, have had difficulty in getting certain loved ones to understand, to accept and recognise, but the majority do. I have a lot of friends from different religions and we are all on the understanding that neither wants to be converted, and we leave it at that. Yet, in the discussion, some Pagans did not wish to show acceptance, understanding or even recognition to other religions, particularly Islam. I found this terribly hypocritical. Pagans, the most open minded people, were in this case, the most close minded and it saddened me.

One certain character decided to pick out vague parts of the Qu’ran that promoted paedophilia, mass murder and racist beliefs about those of other religions. I pointed out that Pagans thousands of years ago, may have sacrificed animals and the young. If my friends started hiding their pets and children from me out of fear, I’d be incredibly upset. It works both ways. Religion is a very very old thing. We are not. Therefore, religion is something to be interpreted by us, who are affected by time and space. I don’t do ritual sacrifices of any kind because in this day and age, I don’t believe that it is necessary, or just and I imagine that the same applies to any other religion. You pick and choose what fits the day and age. The laws on same-sex marriage are proof of that.

Another reason it surprised me is because I was asked WHY I was defending Islam, despite not reading the Qu’ran yet. This was an interesting question, considering Wicca’s laws of ‘An it harm none’ and ‘Live and let live’ did not seem to be relevant in this conversation but are very relevant in my life. Talking slander about another religion, in my eyes, causes harm. Considering I have friends at university that are Muslim and are lovely, I would not wish them this harm and I’m happy to defend. If it had been the other way round and they were horrible to me, like certain Christians, then perhaps my opinion would be different. However, I can only go on what I seen with my own eyes. I don’t believe in placing my faith in hear say. Then, there is the whole idea, of just let people live their life the way they want to. If they aren’t hurting you, then what is the problem if they choose to place their faith in a book, or just certain pages of a book? I see no issue here. If someone came to me and told me what I believed in was wrong and that I was a bad person for believing in what I do, I’d tell them what they can do, and where they can go very promptly.

This is just a short article expressing my displeasure that some of the hypocritical members of the Pagan Community. Discrimination, unfortunately, is very much alive and well in the Pagan Community and I don’t believe that there is any room for it. After thousands of years of persecution, why are some pagans believing that it is their right to now dish it out?

Thanks for reading guys x




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