Pagan Hypocrisy

Today, I engaged myself in a heated discussion on religion, Islam in particular, which as some of you may have guessed, I tend to do easily and quite often. It started off as a person asking about Satanists and ended as a discussion on the evils of Islam. This annoyed me  and brought me to the realisation of how small minded and racist other pagans CAN be. I’m not saying Pagans are, because I’m certainly not and I know a lot of Pagans that are as open minded, however, there are a lot that are and this surprises me.

It surprises me for a number of reasons. First of all, all Pagans do is wish for acceptance, understanding and recognition in society. I, myself, have had difficulty in getting certain loved ones to understand, to accept and recognise, but the majority do. I have a lot of friends from different religions and we are all on the understanding that neither wants to be converted, and we leave it at that. Yet, in the discussion, some Pagans did not wish to show acceptance, understanding or even recognition to other religions, particularly Islam. I found this terribly hypocritical. Pagans, the most open minded people, were in this case, the most close minded and it saddened me.

One certain character decided to pick out vague parts of the Qu’ran that promoted paedophilia, mass murder and racist beliefs about those of other religions. I pointed out that Pagans thousands of years ago, may have sacrificed animals and the young. If my friends started hiding their pets and children from me out of fear, I’d be incredibly upset. It works both ways. Religion is a very very old thing. We are not. Therefore, religion is something to be interpreted by us, who are affected by time and space. I don’t do ritual sacrifices of any kind because in this day and age, I don’t believe that it is necessary, or just and I imagine that the same applies to any other religion. You pick and choose what fits the day and age. The laws on same-sex marriage are proof of that.

Another reason it surprised me is because I was asked WHY I was defending Islam, despite not reading the Qu’ran yet. This was an interesting question, considering Wicca’s laws of ‘An it harm none’ and ‘Live and let live’ did not seem to be relevant in this conversation but are very relevant in my life. Talking slander about another religion, in my eyes, causes harm. Considering I have friends at university that are Muslim and are lovely, I would not wish them this harm and I’m happy to defend. If it had been the other way round and they were horrible to me, like certain Christians, then perhaps my opinion would be different. However, I can only go on what I seen with my own eyes. I don’t believe in placing my faith in hear say. Then, there is the whole idea, of just let people live their life the way they want to. If they aren’t hurting you, then what is the problem if they choose to place their faith in a book, or just certain pages of a book? I see no issue here. If someone came to me and told me what I believed in was wrong and that I was a bad person for believing in what I do, I’d tell them what they can do, and where they can go very promptly.

This is just a short article expressing my displeasure that some of the hypocritical members of the Pagan Community. Discrimination, unfortunately, is very much alive and well in the Pagan Community and I don’t believe that there is any room for it. After thousands of years of persecution, why are some pagans believing that it is their right to now dish it out?

Thanks for reading guys x




That Feeling

That feeling you get

When poison seeps

Through your body

Whilst your

Heart cracks

Head aches

Eyes sting

And the realisation dawns:

He’s never coming back.


You’ve lost the only thing

That made you feel


You’ll never be the same again

What Do You Do?

What do you do when it all falls
You’ve got no soul
And you’ve got no heart?

What do you say
At the end of the day
When the last leaf falls
Winter takes May?

What do you do when you only feel
Foods got no taste
And alcohol is just old?

Where do you go when you feel all
Whilst hating yourself
And your pain is on show?

Who is there to hold you
When you cry
In the middle of the night?

Why is this life as painful as the last?
I don’t want another Friday night,
I don’t want to move fast.

When will the rain fall to
Wash away
The emptiness
That’s here to stay?

A Nonsensical Wonderland

Tumbling, Tumbling,

Tumbling down,

Into the rabbit hole.

Rolling, rolling

Rolling around,

Which way do I go?


Trees do whisper,

Whilst the cat does laugh,

What is my purpose here?

I’m eating my bread,

And stuffing the fibre,

But still I have plenty to fear.


Following, following,

Following the herd,

But really there is no herd.

It’s all in my head,

Maybe I’m dead,

Have these events ever occurred?


Wonderland, wondersea,

What will become of me?

The Tweedles do twiddle

They’re all thumbs,

And no fiddle,

All the while I am stuffing this glee.

Why I won’t accept ‘You’ve lost weight’ as a compliment

Weight has never been an issue with me. I like myself the way I am and I’m comfortable. Sure, I get periods of insecurity but I think it’s generally agreed that all women, in fact, all people, that we suffer lapses of self judgement. We are, at times, our own enemies, our harshest critics, but we can also be our own best friends and at  times, we are all we can rely on. So, growing up, I never wanted to be anyone else, physically. Mentally, as some of you may know, I’ve wanted nothing better than to trade minds with someone else that seems more stable, more like they’ve got their shit together and figured out.

Yet, I’ve nearly always held my physical appearance in high regard. I try to eat well, balanced, and I like to keep myself on the go. I go through periods where I may not eat much, out of stress, or eat more than I normally would, out of stress; and I may not do as much exercise, due to work as I find it stressful, or I may do lots more exercise because I’m trying to procrastinate against feeling stressed. This leads to a kind of yoyo effect in weight. The changes aren’t usually that great, up to half a stone recently but it’s enough for people to notice. I don’t usually notice a difference in appearance, except for what the scales say. What I do notice, is how I feel. Sometimes, when I’ve put a couple pounds on, I’m really really happy and nothing could get me down. Recently, I’ve been fucking miserable and I’ve lost quite a few.

People don’t think about this though and it’s frustrating. It’s my understanding that when someone makes the comment of ‘You’ve put on weight’ that it’s meant negatively and they are insulting you. Likewise, the moment someone says ‘You’ve lost weight’ they are being positive, or trying to be, and are trying to pay you a compliment. I’m having trouble processing this right now, because I can be feeling most confident about myself, when someone has the nerve to pull out the ‘You’ve put on weight’ card to knock you down. And it does knock you down because what it feels like they’re really saying is ‘You look fat and ugly today’. Fat, for some reason in this society, seems to correlate with ugly. And God forbid anyone on this planet should be deemed ugly! What would a person have left? Their intelligence? Personality? Strength and speed? Kindness? Skills and talents? Let’s hope that no one should be afforded a compliment based on these merits! Let’s instead compliment someone’s ability at losing some of their body. What frame of mind they’re in doesn’t matter, they must be happy if they’ve lost some weight! And likewise, they must be miserable if they’ve put some on because who could be happy when they’re fat and ugly?

It makes me feel sad when I hear people base their worth out of how much body mass they, or a person that they are looking at, has. There is much more to a person than their appearance. There is so much more that one could compliment, or criticise. A person’s appearance is temporary. It is never fixed because it can not be. It is dependent on the individual’s internal processes and the environment in which they live. These things change. You will change. Why is such importance based on something that, in this life, in this world, does not really matter. How many people, in history, are remembered for being slim? For being big? For being ugly? Beautiful? History does not care. Why do we?

I’ve been brewing this one for a while. It makes me feel sad when I hear the ones I love worry about their weight and how they COULD look in the future. We do not live in the future, we live in the present. Of course, look after yourself today and you SHOULD feel better for it tomorrow but what is the point in wasting your life, focusing on something that, for some, is unlikely to ever happen. I find that the people most conscious about weight, their own and that of others,  are those that really have nothing about getting fat to worry about (underweight-lower healthy weight) and may not ever have anything to worry about. For some people putting on weight is impossible, a challenge. And for others, it can be easy, a challenge not to.

It’s a hard frame of mind, I’m sure, to break out of, judging the worth of yourself and others based on the size, weight and shape of a person’s body and I feel a degree of sorriness to those that feel that they have to criticise, or turn to something meaningless and temporary to compliment or insult. How about instead complimenting the size of their smile? Their healthy habits when you see them? The things they’re good at? Things that matter? This is why I can only take judgements and comments about weight as an insult. The person clearly doesn’t know me well enough to make a comment about something that actually matters.

I get that loved ones can be worried about health which is linked to weight. That’s understandable. A person can’t love you if they don’t worry about you from time to time. HOWEVER, My bones aren’t popping out everywhere. See this as a sign that I am eating well. Compliment that, if you’re really struggling. I can move freely. I can breathe. I can run fast, if my life depends on it. I have no disabilities due to obesity. Compliment my ability to live.

I had this conversation (kind of) with a loved one recently. It was a touchy conversation but after some thought I realised that this was all I wanted to say. I’m not upset about someone worrying about my health. I’m in a bit of a pickle, mentally. But, a person IS going to be aware of their health. Only they know what they are eating (or not). Only they know how much exercise they are doing (or not). If a person is in a deep state of denial, then maybe a doctor should be involved. However, generally, a person knows their own truths. If you’re worried about someone ask them subtly. ‘Do you want to go for a run with me tonight?’ or ‘Prawn pasta salad for dinner?’ is much nicer than saying: ‘You’ve put on weight.’ This is a tip for those reading that know that this applies to them. I hope this helps you. Making a comment isn’t going to make a person more determined. If you love them, you’ve got to get involved with them. Complimenting their soul will make them feel so much better than complimenting the outer shell that’s only going to die in a few years any way.

Cheers guys, thanks for reading. I hope this has helped. It feels good getting crap off my chest. x