Angry Feminist Bottles Man Review

As I was aimlessly wandering about on Facebook, as I do, I came across this video. I’ve been pretty taken by the videos that I’ve come across on Facebook recently and I felt particularly appalled by what had happened. so, I click on this video, unsure of what I was about to behold. I see a vulgar man slut-shaming a woman for wearing a crop top, while waiting for someone, her boyfriend. I think: this woman doesn’t deserve this shit. Crop tops ARE normal. I like crop tops. My sisters like crop tops. My friends like crop tops. And she was perfectly in her to right to wear what she wanted to. She was indecently exposed. She wasn’t asking for the attention she got, or any kind of attention. As the choas ascends, the other men she asks around her for support, deny her such. They appear to back up the vulgar man which leads the man to further degrade her until the two ladies throw food at him. FINALLY, some kind of back up for this woman. I was glad that they intervened, even if it was something as little as throwing a chip at the man. Did he listen to what they had to say? NOPE. ‘He’s a man. He deserves respect.’ No. Just no. No one automatically get respect. It is earned. If you act like a dick, you’re going to be treated like one. As this man so justly was by these two women. The fact that some men really do think this way is troubling for me. What he deserves was.. well… what we shall find out.

Then, finally, some male interjection. Does the man listen to what the defending men have to say? Of course not. He doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions. Everyone else is wrong or are apart of this ‘deal’. He starts getting offensive towards the men. Finally a woman who has been waiting patiently for this man to pipe down finally gets mad and hit him over the head with a glass bottle. She has a go at him then hit him, seeking approval afterwards. When the women seem to half agree, she spits and walks away. I find this bit hard to swallow. Yes, the man needed to be taught a lesson. Yes, I understand that it may have gotten violent one way or another… but was the use of the bottle necessary and was the spitting? He, so far, hadn’t gotten physical with anyone. He was verbally abusive and anyone of them could have given it right back. He didn’t look like a saint or an actor. Someone could have easily made him look like a mug. The fact she looked around to seek approval made me feel like she wasn’t sure that what she did was right. Therefore, looking guilty of GBH or ABH, I’m not sure of the difference. I also personally hate spitting; I find that really vile and unneccesary after she’d bottled him over the head and he’s most likely to be unconscious, but I’ll assume that was done due to the adrenaline rushing through her body.

The last bit of this video I wanted to address was the title. I’ve left this till last because I wanted the previous babble to come back to this conclusion. ‘Angry feminist bottles man’. The separate uses of ‘feminist’ and ‘man’, lead us to believe it was a liberal woman who believes in equality against a conservative man that does not. the use of ‘angry feminist’ makes it seem like she was a loaded gun, completely crazy and without reason. However, this is inaccurate. As I have stated, both women and men stood up for this woman and her freedom of dress. All of these people then, I would regard as feminist, regardless of how radical they acted, they stood up for this helpless person. A more accurate title would then be: ‘Feminism Stand Up To Inequality In Big Showdown’ or something to this effect. Feminism is often thought to be gendered. We forget the men that teach us, grow with us and love us. They are the ones that help the movement to grow. This is something Malala Yousafzai mentioned in her interview with Emma Watson. Men aren’t just part of the problem, they are also a large part of the solution and I think should take some credit in this video.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts in the comments! x

SIDE NOTE: I have just found out that this was in fact a social experiment. I have no idea if the actors are ok but yeah, this wasn’t real. However, responses are real and this is how I felt it should have been acted upon.


2 thoughts on “Angry Feminist Bottles Man Review

  1. whilst I agree with what you wrote in the most part there is no justification for the brutal act of violence carried out by this final woman was too far and lets look at this as more than just a video on screen, this isnt me justifying what was done by the man in any way shape or form, a report (page 27 if your interested) found that 75% of glassing attacks end in facial injuries that will leave permanent scars, this isn’t just the case of a deserved attack, this attack could not be deserved unless in self defense.

    this woman also has not done anything to further the cause of feminism or at least not a form that I want to be involved in, you don’t fix the abuse suffered by becoming an abuser yourself.

    (just on an aside as much as I may disagree with the placement of the woman as standing up to inequality, I do think this article was incredibly well written and thought through)


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