Read Me, Read Me

“Read me, read me!”
They sing to me
As I waltz around the library
“Please, form an orderly queue,
I can only read you one at a time.”
They fight and squabble ,
In competition
Flaunting their stylish covers.

And then I choose.

Spilled ink,
A book in hand;
It’s all so close.
I feel it.
I’m there.

Words dance on metaphorical tongue,
I know this.
I can do it.
Names, faces,
People, places
Appear from light.
Unfamiliar territory,
But I know this place.

Emotional overflow,
Relaxation in its highest state
This is where I belong.
Inside my head,
I know this.

No distractions.
No threatening events.
I need this
I want this.


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