And So…

And so,
as all good endings should go,
God gave the brave man his final moments.
He reached out his hand with a tragic purpose,
to his ember among ashes.

“Every bird flies away,
but they never forget who came to stay.
My lover, my sweetheart,
you gave this mangled life new meaning.”
And so, his spirit became one with the trees,
the flowers, the walls, and the seas,
of which carried this beautiful boy.

And so,
As most endings do go,
The young man had made his choice.
In his broken down chariot,
in the light of a new day,
he broke the heart of the only girl,
that could ever love him,
that could ever know him,
that would ever see who he could really be.

“This is not love, dear Juliet,
because your Romeo is all in your head.
I am the unfurled wings of a majestic bird,
i am the leader of a wild herd.”
And so, with no regret,
he drove away down the dusty old road
crushing every seed that he had sowed.

And so,
as the big debate does go,
is there really an easier reason to let go?
Whether your love is pulled away,
or your love leaves by choice;
there is an inevitable end for us all.

And so.


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