A Question Of Trick Or Treat

‘In light of Samhain approaching and the Autumn knocking on our doors, questions of tradition have been raised. I was having a nosey about on my local discussion Facebook page when a mother asked for people’s opinions on Trick or Treating. I, like many of my local townspeople, had to share my opinion on the matter. The seven year old girl wanted to go, but her mother felt as though it was an act of begging or just being a nuisance to others. Lots of people happened to share the view in wanting to get rid of such a tradition, while a lot of people also chose to stand by it.’

This Samhain was certainly an interesting one. The opening paragraph is from my latest article in the Pendle Craft Magazine. I urge you all to read it, I have had a lot of fun so far writing for it and I can’t wait to write of the Yule edition. I am the writer of Student and Youth Pagan affairs… which sounds great. You may think that I have neglected my blogging duties and, I must confess, I have. I have been so busy with all kind of things,  that I haven’t had a chance to write. But now that I have a moment, I can tell you.

First of all, it was my boyfriends 21st birthday. I had all kind of surprises planned for him, to his dissatisfaction, of course. Watching his confusion and, at times, sadness made me feel sad too. It was his birthday and I only wanted him to be happy but I knew that keeping everything on the down low would make him to much happier in the long run. I made a vlog of the run up to his birthday weekend, and beyond as a present to him. It took a lot of effort to put together! I’m not very good with a video camera and I’m usually very shy when it comes to things like that so, it really did take a lot for me and I feel like an idiot when I watch it back, but it’s for him. It’s all for him.


The second thing was my birthday, which was days after his. Mine wasn’t as important but I still had a fair bit going on. My dad came down to visit me for the first time since I’ve been in Falmouth and later that evening I went down to a bar called ‘the Games Room’ and played Scrabble over cocktails. I highly recommend that bar if you’re ever in the area. It’s great fun and their cocktails are mint! I did post an article about my birthday though actually, I’ve just forgotten about that sorry. I should bore you with the details.

Samhain is what it’s all about. What did I do? I cooked up a ‘feast’ although it wasn’t much of a feast this year, but George was around for it which was nice. I dressed up as a ‘witch’ which was lovely because I’ve wanted to do it for some time. I kind of finished making my hat which was excruciatingly boring to do by hand without a machine but somehow I survived. I think it looks pretty marvellous myself and I’m not put off of making hats at all; it’s difficult but rewarding. We were going to go for a night out or a party but I wasn’t really feeling it since all of my friends were at a students only party, so we went to the Games Room, played 3 games of pool of which I lost them all, countless games of Connect Four of which I won most and a game of table football, which I also won. We got home around midnight and put on Grimm…


I’ve been watching alot of Grimm, I think I may have already told you but, let me review it for you. It is a heck of a show. All of the characters, minus Munro and Rosalie, make you want to murder people out of their lack of common sense and at times, their unrelatable. They do things that a person would not do and behave in ways that a person would not behave, except Munro and Rosalie who have sense, are relatable and believable. Some how though, George and I have completely fallen for this show though. I’m sure some would disagree but despite the characters being frustrating, the plot keeps you going in times when the characters don’t. We’re close to finishing Season 2 so no spoilers please!! But, phenomenal, it’s all I can say!

The last part of all of this is the Pagan Society. I am ready die now. The amount of running around I did today was spectacular. I printed and posted posters everywhere for students to see. I’ve been updating the Facebook page. I’ve made a survey for perspective members to fill in. I’ve organised a moot for tomorrow at a pub which I wasn’t particularly impressed with. I’ve contacted The Pagan Federation. I have a meeting with the Multi Faith Chaplaincy of the university on Thursday. The list goes on and right now, I feel like I’m ready to retire! I feel successful and accomplished however, I’ll find out if I’ve really been successful tomorrow. I plan to wear my hat tomorrow, which will be interesting on the bus. I’m planning to do a review of the hat tomorrow and of it’s reactions so keep your eyes open for that!

Well, I guess I’ll catch you on Wedneday! See ya!


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