My Birthday!

I turned twenty yesterday. Twenty years ago, I was born. I was a baby and I’ve grown up to be a 5″8, 12-and-some stone woman with long hair, and slightly crooked teeth, despite having all kinds of mouth mechanisms as a teenager. Thinking about this seems mind blowing. Life is madness.

I woke up and opened my two cards from my pal Holly and George’s mum, as well as presents from Holly. I had an essay hand in that day so I rushed into uni not long after, to hand in that monstrosity through tired eyes and a ridiculous lack of coordination. I’m surprised I functioned at all. I had to ask a friend for assistance at one point because my brain was not ready to even be alive. When I got back, I had just enough time to tidy my room and hoover most of downstairs by the time he arrived.

After opening my presents, I was a pretty spoilt daughter, he kindly went into town so I could have a phone call with my boy, who had texted me a lovely message to wake up to. When my parents came back, we went to Truro (Cornwall’s attempt at a city) and we attempted to find a place for dinner. We decided on a pub after walking the entire centre, and I recommend their Steak and Ale pie highly. That steak was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. If I remember the name of it, I’ll let you know. After that, dad decided he wasn’t very impressed by Truro and we went back to Falmouth. Dad thought, some how, that Falmouth was bigger.

Before heading back, dad lit me a ‘candle’ in my birthday hot chocolate in Wetherspoons. I Skyped everyone when I got in, as you do, and my dad and Ker (dad’s girlfriend) went over to their ‘hotel’ in Newquay. Later that evening I grabbed a couple of my pals and went down to a bar called ‘The Games Room’ where we played cocktails over a game of Scrabble. It was a particularly different experience.

So, in the end, I’d had a pretty good day. I missed George and my family like hell but I was real glad my dad came down. He hadn’t come down last year to visit so it meant a lot that he did this time. I’m back in Yeovil now, being spoilt by George and my sister Rach. Will be seeing my mum and other sisters tomorrow so I’m pretty excited. Got a shit load of work to do and it’s currently 2.45am. We’ve spent pretty much all night watching Grimm, which I recommend you all watch if you don’t already. It’s bloody fantastic.

Cheers guys, see you soon xx


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