Why Body Positive?

This morning has compelled me to write another body positive blog. I know that a few of my readers gain a lot from reading about this. But why? I took a survey today about that very question and it helped me to answer my own question. I blog about body positivity to help inform those that are insecure about themselves and need reassurance. I read blogs and look at pictures to reassure myself, to compare myself. It’s ok to admit that. That’s what they are there for. They help you to validate yourself and to teach you that confidence is allowed, regardless or size, age, race. You are a beautiful creature and you are allowed to think that when you look in the mirror. You are allowed to like yourself. In fact, you’re even allowed to LOVE yourself. What a crazy notion: that a person is to love their large thighs, or their small arms, their frizzy hair or their freckles, their wobbly tummy. You are allowed to love these things. This is why I encourage you all to post pictures today of a part of you that you love. Write about it. Sing about it. Draw it. The more you do to accept yourself, the more others will learn to accept themselves, too. Which is important. Acceptance is a ripple effect.

If you sit their and moan about all the things you don’t like about yourself.; if you moan about the things that are changing, or won’t change, then others will moan about those things too because they will think it’s acceptable, and right. But what is right about hating yourself and wishing that you don’t exist because you don’t have a particular ‘something’? A few years ago I used to Tumble a great deal, more than I do now. One of my friends, and a few of my followers ran very depressing blogs, and I’m not ashamed to say that I hated seeing it. These posts were not aiding these people. They were not making the individual better. Some claim they do, to help vent. But the problem lies that: you have these thoughts in the first place. One such example would be a picture of a very very thin person, reduced to skin and bone with the caption of: ‘I want to disappear’. People think this way. People obsess about losing weight and are devastated when they put weight on and it’s heartbreaking. Kids and other vulnerable people catch sight of these things and it can be a huge influence. People start to see themselves in a different way and people start to doubt themselves. For such a while, I too felt awful about myself. These people were already very small, and wanted to be smaller. How did they see me? How huge and ugly must they have thought I looked if this was what they wanted for themselves? If this was their goal?

Recently though, I’ve found a great deal of body positive blogs on Tumblr, where all bodies are celebrated and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love seeing pictures of curvy women, women that look like me and women that are bigger than me. I’m so used to seeing pictures of women that are smaller than me, that it is a relief to see something different being celebrated. That doesn’t mean that people can be allowed to demean or insult the pictures of women that are smaller, by any means. It’s just a breath of fresh air that people are starting to be happy with themselves. It’s the start of a long battle. Once people can admit that they are wonderful, they can then see where things need to be changed to make themselves even MORE wonderful. If it wasn’t for the confidence of other women, I may not have found my own. And this has lead me to be aware of myself, and the influence I have. It’s made me see that I am happy with how I am, but that it wouldn’t hurt if I could lose a few pounds to get to a healthier weight. I’m not going to obsess about it and set a massive goal, but I am going to try and walk as much as possible and I am eating healthier since moving into my new house. However, I’m also not ashamed to say that I did eat a large amount of cake yesterday. I found it hilarious, and totally delicious. You are allowed to treat yourself. You only live once.

So, when you see someone being confident about themselves, compliment it. Raise them up a peg. Then show how confident you can be. Post a picture in return. See how many compliments you get, too and let everyone raise you up. It does happen and it does work. You’re all beautiful humans. Show them who you are, inside and out and it will be rewarded. You’ll feel so much better and maybe, after a while, you’ll even begin to believe it!

Love and Light, lovelies! x


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