The Leap of Faith

It’s like sitting in an aeroplane for the first time,

And praying to God that you don’t die,

As you watch the country you love pass you by,

You’re only hope is that you can fly.

It’s like standing on the edge of the old Grand Canyon,

And wishing that luck will be your best companion,

So that you don’t fall, so that you don’t die,

So that time can gracefully pass you by.

It’s like being in a boat when you can’t swim,

And you realise your best thought was far too dim,

You’re rocking with the boat- this way and that,

Hanging in a moment, just like a bat.

It’s like visiting a pyramid when you’re claustrophobic;

Or keeping a fabulous friend when you’re homophobic;

It’s like being in the dark when you’re still afraid;

Or being shy and nervous whilst entering a parade.

It’s every secret I have ever told you,

It’s every date I let your pursue,

It’s every kiss that I permit,

It’s every charm  that you commit,

It’s every laugh kept between us two,

It’s the leap of faith that I take for you.


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