Outfit Of The Day 06/09/15

Today I had ‘interviews’ for the Pagan Society’s council at Falmouth University. Before I can even get this society established, I need a council. So, I organised to have interviews because I don’t know people very well. One person turned up so he was instantly given the role of Treasurer. Two other girls were interested, but they were unable to come due to illness. So after talking on line to them later, they became the other council members.


Last week, I had an outfit planned for this occasion. My nan had handed me down a green suede suit from Lakeland Fine Leather. I never thought I’d wear it and I had no idea on which occasion I would. I didn’t actually think I liked it and I wasn’t sure why I clung on to it but I’m glad I did. It has Ivy leaves cut into it and I think it’s adorable. It certainly screams ‘Pagan Business’ on it! So, I wore this suit for it to be received by one person. Was not what I was hoping for, but better than never being worn.


I find it somewhat an odd fit because the skirt is quite big, and the jacket is quite tight. Usually things fit the other way round, but not this time. I paired this fine suit with a tan coloured vest from Primark, and a pentacle necklace from Claire’s.


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