A Silly Young Boy That I Once Knew

All we need is time.
All anybody needs is time.
We all need something sublime,
But I found it-
It’s there,
Standing in a storm,
Of this darkest thoughts.

I feel like the girl that he once knew,
When every sky was a different blue;
You were the constant,
My own personal hue,
But I couldn’t see what had happened to you;

I was so wrapped up in my own private misery,
That I couldn’t see what had happened in front of me,
But here he is, that silly boy,
That makes me laugh out so coy;

However, no longer just that silly boy:
A territorial animal,
A dangerous man,
A God in his own right,
Needing to be worshipped,
Worshipped by the woman this fragile girl came to be.

Does she let the boy in, knowing his heart?
Or does she shut this man out and get a fresh start?

But I let him in, like the fool that I am,
And was surprised at what I came to find:
A raging fire, ravenous, rebellious;
Such passion I did not expect
To radiate from the silly, young boy that I once knew.


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