Thought Of The Day

‘Think of all the things that you could discover, if only you had the courage to look up.’

This is an idea that has resonated in my mind for years now. While walking through my home town, I had never noticed how lovely the buildings were, until one day I had decided to look up. It was from then that I discovered just how beautiful, and historic really, my home town was. It doesn’t just apply to buildings either: the sky, trees, animals- so much is up there and people rarely take the time to notice and to really appreciate what is around them. They are far too busy with their phone and devices, or are simply to scared to, in a way. Sometimes your thoughts can eat you up and force your eyes to the ground. When walking, I was guilty of staring at the ground to often, hoping that it would give me the answers that I was looking for, or that my thoughts would some how find a piece of transcendence down there. However, I find that real transcendence is actually above you. So, next time that you feel sad, or are feeling curious, or even nothing at all, lift your eyes upwards and soak up the new information around you. I bet you won’t be able to see things the same way again.


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