Struck By A Swift Heart


Smiles all round,

Smiles from everyone,

But he’s smiling at you.

He waltzes over all handsome and true,

Makes you laugh like there’s only one thing to do.

It’s all a game,

A trick of the light;

Just one date and he’s yours for life.

It’s all rainbows and butterflies,

Lightning storms and heavy nights

Entwined in passion’s enticing flame,

You never see what’s coming;

It’s such a shame.

You get on so well,

You fall in love like it’s your story to tell;

He makes you laugh,

He wines you and dines you,

He ‘gives you his heart’,

Stealing yours, too.

And it’s far too late now,

The deed has been done.

Your bodies became one

And your universe aligned.

You know what you want.

You’ve got what you want;

But your time is up.

No texts, no calls;

No silly snaps;

No more wining and dining;

No more lightning.

He’s gone;

He’s run away.

You thought he was here to stay, but he’s

Gone as quickly as he came.


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