How to Be British

I’ve spent the morning looking around a Facebook page called ‘I Am Proud To Be British’. I liked this page because I am proud to be British and feeling a sense of patriotism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s ok to be proud of where you come from and your culture. What isn’t ok is to look down on other cultures and other countries because you’ve got your head so far up the anus of tabloid writer and other British hate preachers that you can not see common sense and feel the need to talk abuse to those that share a differing opinion. When you hear of ‘hate preacher’ most people will often assume it’s a Muslim going round Britain with flyers and posters, ranting about the god awful British and god awful Britain, and about how much they hate being here. What people fail to realise is that, by moaning about immigrants and Muslims, for example, by making racial slurs and committing acts of violence against innocent people, regardless of race or religion, you are too, a hate preacher. Congratulations.

I find some of the comments to be atrocious and oftentimes, I can’t help but reply back with some comment far too witty for half of the hate inciting commenters to understand. Luckily, I’m not the only one that tries to talk sense into the dimwits. However, they wouldn’t be dimwits if you could easily talk sense into them. They would still be dimwits, even if those that they hate with such passion saved their lives or the lives of a loved one. You cannot save those with the brain size of an ostrich. It doesn’t stop me from trying sometimes though. We just have to thank our lucky stars that these people aren’t in charge of our country. We don’t need people who think that burning down mosques and killing people because they don’t believe in your religion, or religion at all, running our country. They are little better than terrorists. Hate fuels hate. Most of the terrorists claim to be Muslims. The ‘British’ then generalise ALL Muslims as terrorists and run silly hate campaigns against innocent Muslims and wonder why ‘all’ Muslims hate the British. It’s a ridiculous cycle and it needs to be broken.

If World War Two had happened a hundred or so year later, it would have been started by Hitler creating a Facebook page called ‘I Am Proud To Be GERMAN’, where it’s followers moan about immigrants and Jews. The resemblance is uncanny and terrorist acts often begin with a minority, before it manages to brainwash a majority to commit atrocities. I find the idea of religious persecution to be ridiculous, especially in the 21st century, where we have human rights that entitle us to follow whichever religion I choose, or not and it promises us that we don’t have to worry about prejudice and persecution. If I wanted to be a satanist and started going around doing rituals to Lucifer in public, I’m sure people would give me a few looks and they’d be on their way, unless I was dancing naked whilst preforming animal sacrifices, then I would surely be arrested for breaking laws. If this was something that happened in my own home, or some kind of Satanist sanctuary (minus the animal cruelty), then again, no one would batter an eyelid and no one would start generalising other British people for a minority of anarchists. But a Mosque! A building where people PRAY TO ALLAH. Bloody hell. Better write about it on our racist page to let the other good British  people know about it and the devastating effects it’ll have on our culture.

This is where I invite you, the reader, to decide on what makes you British. Our country was formed on immigration. We started off as tribespeople invaded by Romans. Then by Vikings. Then, by the Normans. Then we were ruled by Germans. We’ve had immigration from Afro-Caribbean people after we forced them into slavery. Then after Slavery, we still had immigration coming in from all over the ‘British’ Empire. What also needs to be remembered is that alot of MIGRATION also happened. America, Australia, the Caribbean, South Africa, India ect. WE were the invaders. WE were the plague that the people native to their countries fought to have their cultures back. People talk about being ‘pure English’ but how far back does that go before you find out your grandparents came from some country in Europe? Or from even further afield? I’ve been tracing my family heritage and there’s all kinds of emigration that went on. If it didn’t happen, who knows? Maybe most of us wouldn’t be here to moan about what it means to be British.

That’s just a short history lesson on so-called Britishness. I’ve learnt various things about our national identity from my pretty good education. Which is why education is so important. Most of the people that comment on these pages, unfortunately, probably still have the reading and spelling age of a ten year old, where idea’s such as ‘don’t let any at all in [the refugees] and send our own soldiers and clear out caleigh‘ come from. This was an actual comment made on a post arguing about how many of the refugees coming into the UK were Syrian. Several comments were made by people with that clearly finished school, pretty well educated and kept themselves well informed. The first comment corrected his spelling mistake ‘caleigh’. Another point was made about how he, himself, was a British immigrant into a Middle Eastern country. The last good point was made about how Calais is French and our soldiers would have to have permission from the French government before actually entering to ‘clear it out’. The amount of times I face palmed while reading was uncountable.

So what is Britishness really? From what I have learned, it’s a certain sense of character, style and manner. Britain will only lose this when the British move away from this and give it up, not because the Muslims have taken over ‘our’ country. We will not lose our Britishness because we will all turn Muslim, we will lose our Britishness when we lose our cool and become uneducated, ill-mannered thugs. Muslims will not rob you of your national identity, you will hand it over in an act of hate and violence. Being British, to most people, is about being liberal and free. It’s about driving on the Left. It’s about the accents. It’s going down to the pub for a pint and, depending on where and who you are, a bag of pork scratchings. It’s about being educated, having a say in society. It’s about working hard and loving harder. Having morals. not everyone that is British will agree and that’s ok, because being British is also something that can’t be generalised. just like being Muslim. it will mean something slightly different to each person and that’s ok. That doesn’t make you any less. In fact, you can even be both! Can I get some ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ in here please? That’s right. Being British, doesn’t actually involve being of a certain religion. If that was the case then the only people that would have that right, would be us Pagans and only the ones that follow deities that were originally worshipped before the Romans brought Christianity over to Britain. What a crazy concept- religious freedom in Britain. Crazy.

So, whoever you are, feel free to show a bit of patriotism. Learn the language (properly, past the curriculum of a ten year old), in fact how about learning all of the languages? Real patriotism to Britain. Learn the National Anthem. Go and support a sports team. Visit the royal family. Give to charity and help the homeless. Help the National Trust. Get to know your neighbours. Cook great food. Educate yourselves on the world and it’s cultures. Britain has been known as ‘multi-cultural’ ever since we decided to take on an empire. Be kind and welcoming to foreign people regardless of whether they’re tourists, refugees, immigrants. Show the world what it REALLY means to be British.

Thanks for reading guys, see you soon x


4 thoughts on “How to Be British

  1. I understand your frustrations but I ask of you to mobilize the same compassion you ask the people of ‘I Am Proud To Be British’ to have to the Syrian refugees.
    The beliefs these ‘dimwits’ hold are born from their fear and misunderstanding. More precisely they are born from miscommunication and mistrust. The problem is not that they have the ‘brain size of an ostrich’ because they do not, you know that. I understand that you were using the phrase as humour, but when a person starts likening humans to animals in this way dehumanization takes place. What follows after that is frustrated musings, which is completely understandable but when you begin to throw around insults you become what you’re writing about. An ill-mannered thug. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you believe that the ‘cycle’ ‘needs to be broken’ then it has to start with you, with compassion and understanding. At times they might not seem like it but the people of ‘I Am Proud To Be British’ are scared mistreated people, yes what they often propose is unethical but we can not just stick a label on them the same why they do to those they don’t understand. We can not shake our heads and claim we tried, that does not work. Thank you for reading. Please don’t feel like I’m attacking you and defending ‘them’. Attack ideas not people.


    1. That’s true. I was attacked all day for my opinions and at the end of the day, that’s all they are. That’s all everyone is ever able to state. I wrote this in jest while I had people call me ‘silly little girl’ and telling me to ‘grow up’. But at the heart of the article, that is what I’m getting at. People are frightened and fear creates a blindness to truth. I understand what you’re talking about and I understand their fear. I have many relatives that share their view and I go by my daily business allowing them to talk of it because it’s not hurting anyone. But, after seeing how hurtful some of these people were, I felt like expressing my opinion. That’s what my blog is. Education is a large part of it. People that are fearing people based on religion need to be educated on it. They need to be introduced to the idea that there are different ways of life, and that’s ok. However, Most of those people would not be open to the idea of leaving their misunderstandings behind, again, due to fear. I don’t have a solution to breaking the cycle. I just wanted to comment on the presence of the fact that there is a cycle. It begins with realisation.


  2. I’m sorry to hear people did not react kindly to your curiosity and you felt alienated because of that. I promise that they were coming from a similar place you were when you wrote your post. Thanks for the dialogue.


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