Solar Farms? Wind Turbines? Coming to a town near you!

This article has been hanging the air ever since last Saturday when George was driving me back to Falmouth, maybe even before that, but it was made certain that day that I needed to write this article. So, as I was leaving Yeovil, I saw a sign for the Crewkerne Solar Park. I felt a little excited all of a sudden to see a solar farm so close to home. Renewable energy is the way to go, in my eyes. I know that the equipment is expensive. In college, I was the ‘green officer’ for our Student Union. Helping our planet is important. I mean, what are the future generations going to do when we’ve used up all of the resources? What will happen to every other species after we’ve used up THEIR resources. What will happen to the Earth when WE are the only species left on it? I’m sure it won’t quite come to that but, these questions do need to be asked. At what point does our planet become one of our main concerns? Whether or not we are the cause of climate change and whether or not  it is natural or unnatural in our planets lifetime for this to occur, doesn’t really matter. We need to do our best, if it is our fault; and if it isn’t, we have to prepare for the inevitable.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit. I promise I’m not some apocalyptic, doomsday type. When I think about it… Why is renewable energy so expensive? What kind of person is making a crap load of money out of ‘saving our planet’? If that’s even possible and the right phrase for it. i find it ridiculous. These things, in my eyes, should be free. The world should be equipped with various ways to harness natural, renewable energy. This is where I believe that the energy ‘industry’ should be completely globalised. Those countries closer to the equator, for example, should in theory be able to harness a shed load more sunlight than our small island can. And tidal power should also be taken more seriously, particularly for an island surrounded by oceans. This is where I believe my generation and the generations that follow, will need to get creative and hopefully, not be as greedy as those before us (but that’s really just wishful thinking).

I see renewable also being so valuable to the ‘under developed’ third world countries. I see many people moaning about how we aren’t helping the poor in ‘our’ own country. What about helping the poor in our own WORLD. There shouldn’t be poverty. But unfortunately as we all know, the rich must stay rich. If renewables were taken more seriously on a global scale, then maybe some kind of revolution would occur. Maybe things would be different. Industries could grow. Populations could flourish. And with any luck, if the climate change is our problem, then perhaps we could slow down the effects so that future generations could enjoy the land that we have walked on.

It makes me feel happy when I catch a glimpse of a solar panel on someone’s roof, or a turbine in a field because it reminds me that there is hope. It reminds me people do try. The trouble is that not everyone shares this opinion. On the Crewkerne Solar park, for example, there were comments about it ‘being an eye sore’, comments about the inconvenience they would cause. personally, for me, the biggest eye sore is the number of empty fields that surround our towns. What’s worse is when I see trees getting chopped down in order to make MORE empty fields. As for inconvenience, i think the biggest inconvenience would be if we could no longer use our cars because we had used up all of our fuel, or worse- if our tiny little island ceased to exist because of the increasing sea levels. These are petty, first world problems that don’t need to be brought up. I’m sure there is even more moaning when there are suggestions of building turbines. i find these to be beautiful. They look particularly striking against a natural background. I don’t know about the noise but it surely couldn’t be worse than living near any busy transport link or next to a house fully of rowdy teenagers? In fact, I think I’d rather pick the turbines to be honest. So, interms of what the article, where I found out more about the solar park is concerned, I for once, agree with the government. There are more pressing matter that need to be dealt with.

When you compare all of the minor ‘problems’ to the bigger picture, it all seem so silly. If you’re worried about eye sores, get into gardening. Plant pretty flowers for the bees, plant trees. Grow your own food.  Create gardens, forests. Bring nature back. Instead of just moaning about a problem, which is purely your own problem, do something about it. Correct your way of thinking.

Thanks for reading guys, see you soon. x


News article on Crewkerne’s Solar Park: [accessed: 20/09/15]

Picture found at: [Accessed: 26/09/15]


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