Primal Scream

He smiles at me and gives me:

That look

With those moon eyes,

Boring into my soul and devouring my being.

And we think the same things, you and I

Are two of the same-

Interlaced with a powerful magic.

I feel your words melt into my heart,

And print themselves all over my body,

And I believe them;

I truly believe,

I see the honesty in your smile

That glows a light only my heart can see.

And I watch you as you flitter about the room,

All ordinariness of your tasks abolished

By your exquisite form, How did I get here?

How did I find such a storybook prince?

He cuddles me and he kissed me until there is nothing left;

Until I can only beg for more.

“He’s an animal.”

“I’ve been drugged.”

It’s all been heard before.

But your hearts rhythm fits mine

Whilst tangled amongst our limbs

My eyes are glued to yours

Helplessly, as we let curiousity get the better

Of our better nature.

This is more than just a primal scream.

This is love. 


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