“Attached,” I tell them,

“I’m attached!”

And I have fallen,

Like the Great King, I have fallen

And I cannot bear this heat

Like the great Egypt sun,

Like the equator summer.

I will fall down to this God-like force-

To the be all and end all:

I will fall.

And I will tremble!

As fingertips trace eternity into my skin,

And your lips kiss me into drunken oblivion.

I will surrender to thee!

And plunder down deep into the sea;

Deeper than the Pacific, higher than the sky;

My breaths change like the seasons.

My breaths change to you.

So shall it be:

I am your slave, your prisoner,

Your guardian, your fool.

“I am attached!” To you

Attached like a moon

In orbit, I orbit around you;

My star, my sweetheart.

Oh, how I do love

Your bittersweet poison that kills

So slowly; I have met my demise.


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