OOTDs 15/09/15 & 16/09/15

  ootd2ootd 1

The reason I’m doing a joint Outfit Of The Day piece today is because my little sister gave me two tops on Monday that I think are super cute. I don’t know where they’re from or where you can get one but I urge you too. I’ve got a black one, which I’ve had since I was ten years old. At ten years old I was probably close to a size 6 in womenswear. I’m now a size 12- 14 and it’s still going strong! Think it’ll be the top I die in! So, I wore it to my mums and my little sister had these two ombre ones. She said she didn’t really like them but seeing as I did, and despite being double her size, she gave them to me and they fit brilliantly. I think they’re just so cute and the ombre affect really highlights the assets and slims down the waist and tummy, which is fab! Ombre on the top is definitely a go. It’s flattering as hell. The pink one I wore with a pair of skinny jeans, and the mauve one I wore with a pair of flares. These tops are long lasting, versatile and I find the strange texture something that really spices up an outfit. A big recommendation from me but I have no idea what they are called or where they can be found :S

See you soon and thanks for checking out my ootd! x


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