I Don’t Know

I really don’t know what I fancy writing about today. I feel like I’ve written about the big issues that I wanted to write about. I don’t fancy dressing up today. None of my article suggestions really match my mood and if I’m totally honest, I feel a bit down heartened by the quickly dropping numbers in my readership. I go back to university this week and while part of me is ecstatic to go back and move into my new home, part of me is also dreading it, again because of how nervous goodbyes make me. I’d feel even worse though if I didn’t get the chance to. So, I’m in limbo. I’ve got lots of different things and projects to do but, I don’t know. Do you ever feel like procrastinating your procrastination? You get so confused over what you want to do and what you could do that you end up doing nothing at all. Just little bits here and there to keep your blood circulating and to stop your limbs going numb. That’s how I feel right now. Could do with a really good motivational boost, to get morale going.

I mean, really, what do you want to read about? What kind of topics and subjects would draw you in? How does one create a loyal readership? From what I’m beginning to understand, it’s all about timing and luck, really. People are more willing to read at a certain time of day, and some subjects are more important in certain moments that others. As for luck, writing is all a game of roulette, and if I’m completely honest I’ve never been particularly good at the game. Any game involving chance never swings my way. It’s like I was created from bad luck.

Actually, that’s a little bit of a lie. I did get lucky when I met my George. Luck was on my side that night. I’d organised a meal for forty of my school and college friends as I was going away and I didn’t expect any of my friends to organise any get-togethers themselves, so I bought it upon myself to do it. Trying to organise that many people was ridiculous and I really wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s totally necessary. I won’t go into all the details off that night, unless requested but a friend bought her ex and his best friend. Some how the ex’s best friend took a shining to me and was unspoiled by how awful I looked in the club after the meal, half way through the night. Looking at the pictures, I still have no idea what he saw, or thought. I barely gave him a sideways glance. I barely got attention on nights out, or ever, and I had accepted that. I didn’t expect George to actually add my on Facebook and ask to meet up a week or so later. Luck had to have been on my side.

Going to keep this one short today in the hope that it might encourage people, and that it’s the length of my articles that is scaring people away. Give me a message on one of the social media platforms if you have questions to be answered, opinions to share or topics to discuss. I’m pretty open to suggestions. Thanks for reading guys, see you soon x


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

  1. I have the same thing, my amount of viewers and readers just dropped to 0. Sometimes I get a like …. But I think you just need to continue and be active. And hope that people will find you. Maybe interacting with other bloggers can help.


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