Working On Our Brow Game

The other day I pulled out my tweezers and started doing my eyebrows. A month or so ago, after accidentally over plucking in one spot I decided to let my eyebrows grow out a little, in the hope that the patch would grow back. Did it? I don’t actually think it did. So, leaving all that time, my brows looked fierce, so one might say. I got on to Instagram and uploaded a couple of ‘mid-game’ selfies, needless to say that eyebrow shaping has become an art. Everyone wants the full, dark, arched eyebrow. I’m fairly lucky to have what I’ve got going on but, I can admit that it takes an awful lot of concentration to come out with that the media have identified as a class act brow.


I’ve got a few stories for you on the subject of eyebrows. I’ll start with one of my best friends. She is blonde and has fairly dark eyebrows for a blonde. Hers are quite short and are straight. She asked me if I could ‘salvage’ them, or something to that effect. I laughed. I love playing around with make up but I’ve never had to do eyebrows before so I knew it would be tricky. She’d sent me pictures on Pinterest of models with the ‘right’ sort of brow so i knew what had to be done. I took the various equipment she presented me with and got to work. The results were something she could not handle. I’m laughing as I look back. I did her a full face makeover, as well as her hair and I was dead impressed. She on the other hand could not get over that I had ‘done’. She complained they were ‘too dark’, ‘too big’. Of course they were too dark, her pencil was no where near the colour she wanted and what I came to realise was that this ‘brow goal’ just didn’t work for everyone. Not everyone fits this sort of eyebrow shape and that’s ok. By the end all I could say was: Now can you be happy with what you’ve got please? People think so much that they identify each and every minor detail that they could change about themselves not thinking about whether these things would actually improve them or not. They don’t think: Hey, maybe this does look great. Maybe, I don’t want this to ever change. Maybe, I want such and such to look like this, not how everyone thinks it should look. It’s ok to just be you.

Friends natural eyebrows
Friends natural eyebrows
hollys brows
Holly’s brow expectation was too high…

My next story would be the one of my sister Beck. Beck draws her eyebrows herself. She is also blonde and feels that her eyebrows look odd because they are quite light. She started off my drawing them on so dark that, when she did finally decide that they were too dark and she could tone them down, people noticed and, according to her, people actually laughed. At what point can the colour of ones eyebrows make you actually laugh at them? I coloured my eyebrows in pink a little while what while I was at uni, to raise awareness on Twitter for domestic violence. I can’t remember the page that was trying to advertise there charity event but it’s a cause I’m passionate about so I was keen and I kept them pink for most of the day. I don’t remember anyone laughing or making silly comments. They were pink. So what’s so wrong with blonde eyebrows? I don’t know. I feel much more comfortable looking at my sister with lighter eyebrows than when she draws them in dark. My mum had told me the other day that she had actually gone to school without them drawn on. My sisters sixteen and I was very impressed. Does that mean she’s becoming more comfortable with herself? Who knows. But good on her.

Dark desires
               Dark desires
Feeling passionate with pink
      Feeling passionate with pink

My last sister story is a conversation I had with my second youngest sister on the subject of plucking. Nat told me she plucked her eyebrows everyday. Ever since she was young she found it calming to pluck her eyebrows and play with her eyelashes. I was always worried she’d end up with none, but somehow she is still in abundance. Thinking about it makes me think about when I had my eyebrows plucked for the first time. My mum expected me to wail out in pain but I oddly enjoyed it. It was a really relaxing experience, so I do understand. Does anyone else enjoy it?

Plucking is a relaxing past time...
Plucking is a relaxing past time…

In school, another one of my best friends had very thin eyebrows. She was the complete opposite to me growing up. She was small, I was big. I was pretty pale, she was darker than me. I had long hair, her was fairly short. I had big brows, she had thin ones. I will never forget the time she came up to me and said: ‘Why don’t you pluck your eyebrows smaller? Thinner eyebrows look better.’ I’d felt kind of offended by her comment but I was comfortable with myself to the point where I didn’t see a need to modify myself. And six or so years later and suddenly the big brow is all the rage. Sucker. haha

Anyway, I guess what today’s article is about is just the kind of pressure that women place on each other to look beautiful. Beauty is today’s biggest battle, biggest struggle. It has nothing to do with men. I’m sure most men won’t actually care what colour, shape or size your eyebrows are. They are literally the most random pieces of hair on our faces. They have no real use, and yet, such importance is placed on having them. I would appreciate it if someone had an answer to what they are actually meant for, other than another feature to obsess over and worry about. Our body issues, or facial beauty issues come from each other. It comes from the comments you make to your friends and relatives. It comes from the media trying to force you into their perception of beauty. And it comes from you. It comes from your own mind whether or not you’re happy with what you want and want to maintain it or if you fancy a change.

Be kind to yourselves, thanks for reading x


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