I Am The Song

“I am the song that sings the bird;”

I am the gush of the river run;

I am the growth of your backyard tree;

I am the sky that kisses the sea;

I am the strength that the lion insists;

I am the speed that the cheetah persists;

I am the smile upon your face;

I am the tears of your broken grace.


9 thoughts on “I Am The Song

  1. Hmm I have been trying to write an engish poem but it is hard for me as non nattive english speaker. I know how to write one in my language but I m still wondering why it doesnt really succeed in English xD
    What do you keep in mind when writting a poem ? (Maybe a nice idea for a blog post 😉 ) kind regards, me


    1. Oh I’ve not really thought about it because it’s many things. I usually write with clear intent, focusing on words I like a flow together. Maybe I will write a post on it.

      I used a poem already out there for this one and, in Causley’s grammatical style, wrote my own words (: could start off with that?

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      1. yeah pretty much! i took a poetry workshop and this was one of the warm ups. We were given the first line and we had to write the rest of the verse based on the style of the first line. After we had written our verses we were given the whole poem for comparison (:

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      2. nice, I also once followed a poetry workshop but it was about japanse styled poetry. I just forgot the name but it really famous. I think I still have the notes somewhere. But at the moment I’m very hard doing “Slant Rhymes”. But it feels like I’m using it too much :-/


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