Hitting The Herbals

Scrolled through my Facebook news feed yesterday morning and came across a picture that a few of my friends had shared. It was a chart comparing Alcohol and Cannabis. It said that Alcohol was addictive but Cannabis is not; Alcohol is a depressant whilst Cannabis is an anti-depressant; Alcohol cost a lot on policing and the NHS, but Cannabis does not; Alcohol has claimed many lives whilst Cannabis hasn’t; Alcohol causes cancer but Cannabis cures it; you can overdose on Alcohol but not on Cannabis and the last one was that Alcohol kills brain cells but Cannabis grows them. When I first read it, I couldn’t believe that people could be so silly as to believe this about Cannabis. As I read further down the list I realised it had to be a joke, yet whenever something pops up on Facebook about why Cannabis should be legalised, people recite some of these things like they are reading from the Bible. Cannabis is one of the most common of drugs that are used, particularly in my home town. I know many that have used it. In this article I’m hoping to inform, educate and clear up the misconceptions.

Firstly, both can be addictive, or not. As I have said in previous articles, my dad had a problem with the drink. My mum on the other hand, did not. She could have one every now and then, and leave it there easily enough. I believe the same to be with Cannabis. I came up with a theory on addiction while I sat absent-mindedly in my A Level Psychology class a couple of years ago. That is that some people are programmed to be more likely to grab onto an addiction than others. Some are more likely to be addicted to certain chemicals than others, like some people have allergies. It may not necessarily be just about the chemical that you are in taking, but about your own mind and genetics. So, yes. If you are using weed, you are likely to get addicted.

The next is depressant or antidepressant? Many claim that it is an antidepressant and helps to lift moods. This is where it becomes addictive. You get a high, you come back down, you realise life is crap and you want to do it over and over again. The more you want to do it, the more you need to. Alcohol can act this way too. They don’t call it ‘merry making’ for nothing. While it can make you feel better in the short term, it can cause you some bad long term effects. I think I’ve seen some of these myself, but it’s hard to tell. it can make you anxious, paranoid, in some cases even schizophrenic. The issue is that no one is the same, so you don’t know how you’re going to react in the short term or the long term. Most people that take it, only seem to think about the short term affects- how happy it makes them, not the fact that it’s eating away at your mental health. This drug is also slightly hallucinogenic. It alters your perception.


Drugs in general cost the UK billions, this includes Cannabis. Whether it’s more than that of alcohol, I wouldn’t like to guess but to say that it’s free, or even cheap on the UK’s costs would be a lie. I’m sure, some how whether it was direct or indirect, it’s taken lives. Whether it had been at the centre of an accident or perhaps suicides, at some point, it has killed people. You lack concentration and motivation when on a high. The next one I find hilarious. People thinking Cannabis cures cancer. Sure, it’s a ‘medicinal herb’; it can sedate you and help calm the symptoms of cancer but it can not kill the cancerous cells. That’s not how it works. It actually can be apart of the cause for lung cancer and diseases, particularly when it’s mixed with other things.

In terms of an overdose, it is almost impossible to overdose. They were close with that one. It looks as though you would have to have an abnormally large intake for something like that to happen, if it is possible. Looking on the web, it looks as though Cannabis can’t affect your breathing and therefore, can’t actually cause an OV, instead strong delusions and paranoia are caused.

Lastly, it grows brain cells. No it doesn’t. As I stated earlier, it kills your concentration, motivation and makes it difficult to learn. If it grew brain cells, I don’t think this is something that would be likely to occur. Furthermore, If it supposedly kills cancer cells, how can it also grow cells? This whole thing was a complete joke. The ‘pro-weed’ arguments, in my opinion are pretty stupid. Most of the things users say about it sound like it’s something they pulled out of a high with, not actually researched, using science. Should it be legalised? That is a different matter that I don’t actually have an opinion on, surprisingly. Many people abuse alcohol and that’s legal so whether or not the number of those that abuse cannabis would go down, I don’t know. Maybe if those that I had seen use it had not let it ruin their lives then maybe I’d have a different view of it. I don’t know.

I hope this has been educational and will help you to make the right decisions in your life. It’s never too late to turn things around but certain damages to your health can’t be undone. You’ve only got one body. Be kind to it.

Thanks for reading guys, see you soon xx

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