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I was on just on Fitbay, a site that allows people to find clothes that fit though sharing of shopping experiences, when I realised that today was the day to rant about the inaccuracy of women’s clothing sizes. I have been waiting for this day all blimin’ week. A ‘body double’ of mine (although only 51% similar) posted a pair of jeans she’d gotten at H&M. In my town, we’ve not long had our H&M and I’ve barely bought a thing from it. The sizing is dreadful. I tried on 5 pairs of jeans. I was looking to treat myself to a new pair of high waisted flared jeans. I adore flared jeans, and my ‘chub rub’ destroys most of my favourite jeans. For anyone that knows the torment  that thick thighs cause, I salute you, you a strong soul. It’s not easy admitting your best friends are lost causes, after fighting the long battle.


Anyway, H&M often uses European sizing which I, like many other’s, I’d assume, know nothing of. I picked up 4 of the largest size I could find- a size 36 and one 34 because for some reason they looked about the same. I took them into the changing room, eager to throw my money at them. I pick up the first pair of 36… they got stuck around my knees. pairs two to four for stuck around my thighs. My waist is a lot smaller than the circumference of my thighs and there was no stretch. It was a lost cause. The last pair I had doubts about. If the bigger sizes didn’t fit… but surprisingly the 34 pulled all the way up! Yet, there is an unfortunately. My legs would have needed to be another half a foot longer in order to not trip on these extra long jeans. I doubt even my big pink ‘american muscle’ platform boots would have been able to salvage the waste fabric. I put them all back in the end, disgusted and dumbfounded and went off to New Look instead where I bought a pair of size 12 flared jeans for ten pounds in the sale. They were a little tight about the thighs, they weren’t high waisted and they were a little long, but it was better to take my chances on those and just wear heels, than to waste thirty pounds on jeans that were not made for curvy women or women that were under 6’5 feet tall.

white dress vic

My wardrobe is proof that the sizing system should change and be more accurate to women’s measurements. In my eyes, the tailors appear to have their eyes closed when they are making these clothes. In my wardrobe I have a lovely white dress that I bought while at uni in a size 10. It’s a snug fit around the chest but it’s not tight enough to make omelettes of my breasts. I love it. Then, I bought a blouse the other day while on holiday in Paignton from a Select in a size 14. I thought that’s I’d rather the shirt was a bit too big than a bit too small. Got it home, put it on, realised I could not lift my arms above the shoulder and when I moved a side the ruffles I found the buttons around my chest getting close to bursting open.  At this point I realised that things were getting a little silly. How can a person vary from a size 10 to a size 16? Tess Holiday, the largest plus size model to date, announced that she was a size 22. Later on she admitted that she doesn’t really know what size she is because the accuracy of clothing sizes for plus size women are inaccurate, when in reality, it’s all women’s clothing. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing plus size or normal sizes. Shopping is a nightmare.

All the girls
Sticking out among friends like a sore thumb.

Looking at a clothing size chart, a 36 is meant to be the same as a UK size 10 and the 34 is UK 8 so how did I manage to pull that off? I really am in stitches thinking about this. It’s so frustrating going shopping and not finding anything that fits you. It’s particularly frustrating when a lot of your friends are half your size and have no trouble going into stores like H&M, and finding something that fits. It seems that the bigger the number, the bigger the variation and the harder it’s going to be to find something. It’s also difficult when none of your measurements ‘match up’ to one particular size due to your body shape. Looking at this table, the measurements make no sense. It says that someone with a 39″ bust and 41″ hips should be a size 16 but most of my wardrobe consists of well fitting 12-14’s and a couple of loose fitting 16’s, like the dress below, which I have stuck safety pins into, in the hope that when I lift my arms up, it doesn’t fall down. I’d bought this one for my 16th birthday because they had none in my size left and I was desperate for it.

too big

So, next time you’re shopping, have a little think about it. This about how meaningless these numbers on the labels really are and relish in the fact that in some stores, the number might be lower than others. Oh, and I suggest that if you don’t have Fitbay, you get it. It’s something I really do recommend you make use of because it’s a great idea. I’ve just been told I’m going to be one of the Beta testers for the new android app. If you want in, give me a shout! Thanks for reading guys, see you soon x


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