These Warm Bodies

i know what youre thinking i am dead

i arrived past breaking almost broken beyond

how difficult is it to make a sandwich well ive learned to live with it


a hungover chef with no appetite

no life

you cook the bacon i linger


i am dead inserted in the earth like slices of bread

the rain was like sauce to my burial

i remember that day

my only illiterate memory since i hold no language no more

the soil that held me holds no more

i lack which attributes make a person

yet i am here

longing for this hunger to be filled

theres little doubt that i want to eat you

it wouldnt be hard

yet i have want to doubt

i should not wish to doubt

i should not wish at all

desire is is a sign of consciousness

i am dead

i am dead

i am dead

i repeat this until i cant see your through my rotted dirty eyes

yet i can still smell your fresh flesh singing in the air i do not breathe


it calls out to me begging for my teeth

begging for death

my stomach invisibly growls stop

i did not want to walk the earth again

i do not want to

i am dead

simplicity of execution should justify this meal

breathe her in follow your rotten gut

its not so bad i know that

i dont have a need for morals now

but i wish i did

i want to ask for your name

i want to ask for the veins in your neck your heart your brain

im a juxtaposition i know

i shouldnt know and i know that

your voice makes my heart want to beat

but i know mine would stop yours so i just linger here

hoping to either eat you or date you like a person

not a dirty broken creature as i


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