Why We Need ‘feMEnism’

So, yesterday I was asked, by a reader, for my thoughts and opinions of Feminism. To me, feminism is one of the few things that, in my eyes, is black and white. I see things in varying shades of grey. However, after taking A level Sociology for two years, I’ve some to form my own opinion of the theory.

Many people that say feminism is sexist against men, in my eyes are wrong. People use the term ‘egalitarianism’ but I don’t even know how to begin trying to pronounce that. Feminism is much easier off the tongue. People are using these words to describe the same thing. I guess, the English language does have many synonyms and this just looks like one that people can’t agree on. Men and women both want equality. We all want to be equal. The word to describe that is irrelevant. This is my first point to people that argue that ‘we don’t need feminism, we need something else’. What we need to remain united as a group of people, as a species. In this day and age, arguing about silly things such as which sexual organ you were born with, and which clothes you like to wear seems silly. In some ways men and women need each other. In other ways men and women could live completely separate and probably, mostly, still be alive. Having an argument about which is the better sex is futile. Sex does not indicate intelligence, attractiveness, and these days, not even strength. Sex does not determine whether you’re going to be a absolute twit. You decide that, regardless of your demography.

There are lots of women who seem to have it in for men, for reasons that are beyond me. Just because there are a few bad nuts in the bag, it doesn’t mean the whole bag is bad. This doesn’t just go for gender issues, this goes for race, age ect. ect. You can’t judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a minority. It’s silly and it will get you no where. So, as I was saying, the large group of men then snap back blaming this on the ‘feminists’. Then there is a debate on who the ‘true’ feminists are. There are so many types of feminism, that there is no ‘truer’ feminism. These man-hating women, these are known as the ‘radical feminists’ or more recently known as ‘feminazi’s’. These are what it says on the tin. They’ve been around for ages and you just have to learn how to ignore them. Pretty soon they will probably revert back to the ideal of ‘political lesbianism’.

Most other feminists are more liberal. They also believe in male rights as well as women’s and will stand up for both. Equality is the goal. I’m not afraid of saying that I’m a liberal feminist, or a feminist of sort. In my eyes, if a person hits you for no good reason, regardless of gender, you should hit back. You shouldn’t be hitting anyone in the first place, regardless of gender. In my eyes, if a father is more capable at raising children than the mother, then the father should have custody. It angers me so much when I hear about good fathers that want to be there for their children, getting restricted access. Men can be just as capable as women at giving affection and creating a bond. This shouldn’t even need saying. I hear people asking, whether women actually have more rights then men do these days and I don’t know. It could be possible, especially when I hear about these parenting issues. I think that in our society, we’re pretty equal men and women. The problem lies outside of the north-west. The problems lie in the countries that do need a feminist revolution like we have had. Both genders should be free, not persecuted.

Feminism is such a huge topic that I could probably write a few posts on it. Both genders fuel the fire. Women say that men have no manners and are violent. Men say that women have no class in how they hold themselves and bring it upon themselves. I see a middle ground. In my eyes, you dress to how you wish to be received. Your choice fashion is your identity. Fashion is expression. This is where the confusion lies. Men see fashion in terms attracting a partner. Women see fashion as expressing themselves. Women want to act like men, not ladies, any more. I believe both sides needs adjustment. Some men, not all, need to learn to hold their tongues and to keep their hands to themselves. Some women, also need to hold their tongues and keep their hands to themselves. Some men, need to keep their clothes on. Some women also need to keep their clothes on. No one deserves violence. No one deserves sexual harassment.

I’m going to cut it there for today before I drown in the argument of feminism. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that this has stirred up your own thoughts of feminism. It is needed and it is necessary and it’s ideals and semantics change per person. These are just mine. You control your thoughts, your actions- not your gender group. If you don’t want to be treated like a douchebag, don’t act like one, and don’t try to blame a whole group of people for the mistakes of a minority.

See you soon x


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