OOTD 31/08/15

I’m going to try something else new. I’m not going to also start incorporating my Fitbay posts onto my blog for quick and easy fashion inspiration on my blog. I love clothes. I can never get enough and I have a very broad range of what I will wear. Anyway, here is my Outfit Of The Day- my new pineapple dress from Sports Direct (bought in the sale), my new military style cardigan and a baker boy hat that my boyfriends mum had given me just today which I thought would look cute with the cardigan. The dress for a 14 is quite tight fitting but not so tight that I have a problem. Oh, and it’s covered in pineapples… But I already told you that. I adore fruit prints as I feel it lighten the outfit up and makes it a little more fun. I like to play around with my outfits. It makes the cardigan and hat look a little less serious, which, after my grumpiness due to lack of sleep, was definitely needed.

See ‘ya guys! x


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