Keep Me

Don’t breathe a word angel.

Let the words flow through the rivers that fall from your face.

Don’t doubt the wonders of your mind;

Don’t question the strength of your shoulders’

Like you would not question the strength of the tide or the fury of the winds over the moors.

Do not question the fire that burns in your heart,

like wildfire, it’s indestructible.

We are the indestructible and you are my wildfire.

Burn me, warm me, soothe my wounds

Love me like none ever shall.

Don’t doubt your feelings;

Don’t discard them carelessly.

They aren’t waste but birds that must fly.

They must soar and flaunt their beautiful colours;

They must flaunt themselves to me and no other;

These birds are my birds too.

Lover, that’s what you are.

How can you doubt that you are any less of the world?

How does your self worth define itself?

Give credit to the size 9 feet that kiss the earth for you.

Give credit to the soft skin that protects you from the battering wind.

Give credit to the lips that kiss my sadness away.

How can you have doubt when I hang on every word you say?


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