How To Level Up A Town

This morning, I started thinking through ideas of what I could write and I began brainstorming lots of different routes that I could go down. The one I wish to explore today is one about my home town. Now, we’ve recently had a few new developments in the town. Our large church, of St. John the Baptist, in the centre of town has had it’s tower rebuilt and rejuvenated and looks stunning. We have also had a new H&M building recently built in town too which has had a lot of interest in it, stirred up a lot of mixed emotions and has pulled in a lot of profit from what I can imagine, as well as other big brand chain stores like JJB.

I’ve had ideas on how the town could expand and evolve for a little while now. I’m no councillor and I may never actually get to play with the figures but I have had a lot of thought about these things. I’ve read the papers. For example, I know that a lot of people would be happy to see the carnival run again. I, for one, loved the carnival. It thrived and the town was alive with sound and light. It sat in the week gap between my birthday and Halloween so naturally, this time of year was my favourite. The carnival was something that made the town stand out. It brought everyone together. Our town has lost, since it has grown, it’s sense of community. Yeovil is divided into lots of small different communities now, but these rarely get the chance to mix like they did in the carnival. I think Yeovil is ready to reinvest in this exciting time of year. We all need something to look forward to. I would hate for my baby sister to never get to see what a carnival looks like.

Next up, I would like to address the issue of the old glove factory on Reckleford. It’s an old building and a symbol of what our town was built on, so why have we let it run down and house drug addicts and filth? We have a fairly large problem of abuse. Alcohol, drugs, and violence has been a thing of our town for a long time. I have seen it, I have grown up near it. Most people in this town have. Why is it still an issue? Why are people pretending it doesn’t exist instead of giving aid? In college for my English A Level, I had to try to advertise an idea. I chose to advertise a refuge centre built into the old glove factory. Yeovil currently does actually have a refuge centre, and maybe even a small drug rehabilitation centre but these aren’t really heard of. Yes, I’m aware that in order to rebuild the factory building, it would take a lot of juice, but I personally, think that something like that would get it’s fair share of use. Or perhaps just a rehab centre. Or maybe even both. It’s a very large area to work with. We hear horrible stories of attacks and stealing due to things that could be helped, stopped and prevented with the right education and facilities. I don’t feel as though Yeovil really has these facilities at the moment and I feel as though it should. This would be easily accessible. It’s a well known location and it might actually make the area safer.

If that’s not so good an idea then perhaps something for children to use. The factory is across the road from a school I used to attend. It has a lot of different plant growing around that area, and perhaps an indoor garden, a greenhouse factory. With the right building, play equipment and a beautiful garden for everyone to use in all weathers, would be a good idea. I just feel as though this building is monumental to our town and could be instrumental, too with the right care and attention.

Lastly, I’d like to address the issue of the town centre’s expansion for business. We are beginning to grow in big brand chain stores. What we are not helping is smaller independent companies and stores. We aren’t really encouraging our people to think for themselves and to expand their horizons and their own entrepreneurship. I know that our town is home to a lot of talent but it is being forced to work for these large chains. These stores are important to the economy and consumerism of the town, but it also drags away the character of the town. That’s not our main problem though. Our main problem is that there are still far too many empty spaces. Glover’s Walk is one big empty space. We need to encourage independent traders, not shut them down. We need to encourage new ideas for things we don’t have, for things we didn’t even realise we needed.

I remember reading in the Western last year about traders on and around Wyndham Road complaining about a lack of business there, due to certain other business scaring away theirs. I’d also heard of the local brothel being shut down. This is something that is common occurrence but it shouldn’t be. When it’s shut, it should be gone and deterred. People’s businesses are suffering and I for one, always feel uneasy around Wyndham Road. I don’t think Yeovil town centre requires a brothel and I think that the police and council could work harder on a relocation or a full shut down of that property. Bring Christmas light’s to the Wyndham area. Bring business!

These are my idea’s on how to take our town to the next level. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading, see you soon! x


One thought on “How To Level Up A Town

  1. I think my town, Hedge End, is beyond help now. It used to be a lovely little village in a strawberry growing area, but it has been over developed. I think that’s key thing in every town. Don’t develop too much and make sure it is sympathetic.


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